Finally… I’m here again.. I still remember the first time where I join My Selangor Story on 2010. However, I do not want talk about the history but I’m gonna share what is went on recently. I believe that I have a lot of things to share with my readers especially about Selangor. So, I think this is the best way for me to share my experience and thoughts.
Take note.. even though the sponsor generously sponsored me for the whole trip, this does not mean that its a ticket for them to make me lie to my readers. I am being honest in sharing my wonderful experience 😉
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The event kicked off by our one and only mommy, Amelia Tan. She is the person who make nothing to everything. Thanks to The Mix who are sponsor our venue for the launching. Well.. their hotel is really interesting and I gonna stay there on my last day of My Selangor Story in Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie. The official launch of My Selangor Story is blessed with group of blogger who are not only from Malaysia but also from Singapore and Indonesia. Thanks to Firefly who are the official sponsor that brought our blogger who are from outside of Klang Valley.
Dian, the winner of My Selangor Story 2011 shared her experience regarding her “My Selangor Story” experience. Even though I can see that she was quite nervous, but she have done a great job. Oh ya.. not too mention that she kinda lost weight!!!
Horizon Communicationsn who are the main organizer make everything just perfect and Alison is quite funny too. From the sponsor to My Selangor Story bloggers activity, I believe that I will have a great time until at the end of the competition.
My journey started when Tian Chad came to my house and both of us went to the The Mix. Thanks to my friend, Fandi who gave us a ride =)
As what YB Elizabeth Wong have mention, there are a lot of interesting things that we could be able to share in Selangor itself. Thanks to our official tourism board, Tourism Selangor for their efforts to bring the tourism in Selangor to the next level. The most important thing is the involvement with social media. Good job guys!
Some of people knew that there have 4 blogger who are attend the My Selangor Story 2010 (last year) and still compete this year. Game still gonna be fair. With the professionalism that My Selangor Story have, they gonna judge all the blogger equally and objectively.
Do you know that one of the sponsors is Resort World and I met one of my friend that I know during my internship. Kinda small world =)
Do follow me on my twitter @feeqsays because I’m gonna do a live update. Thanks to The Cube for making the things easier… Now I can online on-the-go 😉
For those who are still not familiar what the bloggers gonna do, basically we gonna share our experience with our readers through social media. Blog, twitter, facebook etc.. So, we’re gonna talk and share our own experience. Good or bad is up to individual. Those who are in twitter, follow #mss2011!
Thanks to the sponsors, partners and supporters =)
We are heading to our 1st stop… Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa!
Last but not least… group photo. Sorry for the quality of photo. Blame my camera. Hmmmm but I heard that they gonna provide us Pentax camera. My photo gonna be better =)
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