Malaysia Day 1609 16 September
Happy Malaysia Day!

I believe people had fun during their Malaysia Day right?
For me?

Sad + Happy + Shock.

Make it simple.

Sad: Receive a call from my dad that my mom will do operation tomorrow at Singapore General Hospital. Receive a call from Taylor Lakeside that as conclusion my PTPTN will have a problem. I will might stop study at Degree in Marketing and just let the Taylor Lakeside burn my 13K.
Why? HERE! Since I pay 1st payment RM13K ++ & I cant get it back right? LOL

Happy: Busy with meeting. 3 meeting & I hope everything goes well.

Shock: On my way from Pavilion to KLCC for the 2nd meeting, saw 1 guy ride a bike snatch tourist hand bag. Glad that group of young Malay people try to help but the stupid fella manage to run away. Hope he get hit by lorry where carry shit then hit by pig etc LOL

Last but not least, I hope you guys can pray for my mom who will go operation tomorrow that she will recover soon. I still think my way how to go back. Anybody want give me a ride? Damn pokai right now.


I just want tell you that…

Guess what? I the worst photographer ever where I only have ur photo less than 10 photo in my hard disk!