Yesterday I just had Muay Thai magazine photoshoot. It is kinda fun to try out something new. This week gonna be my back to back commercial shoot. Had Tazette magazine shoot the day before, yesterday is Muay Thai magazine shoot and today gonna have food product shoot for the new menu. Not too mention gonna shoot for wedding during weekend too.

The photoshoot took 2 hours and it is really fun. The difficult part is when they are fighting. Everything must be fast and mistake is not an option. Thanks to the Muay Thai club who helps me during the photoshoot session.

We play with flour, water, oil, smoke etc to create an effect. I brought 3 studio light but only 2 is working. Somehow there is something wrong with the cable. Oh by the way, I just knew that Muay Thai club do have girls too =)

Smoke effect in progress. All is DIY since I do not have budget to get the smoke machine.

If you want me to do a tutorial how to do a smoke effect, comment in this blog post =)
If there’s a lot of people want to know, I will do a tutorial in my next blog post.

You can check out more photo:


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