Last Tuesday, the nightmare has begun… At least to those who really love that movie. That movie? What movie? It’s that sound like outdated? Advertlets.com having the premiere screening at GSC Midvalley ^^

The best part is where all the bloggers form Advertlets and Nuffnang meet each other and have fun together but I still don’t understand why “some” people want to make “brandist” as the issue.

Remember my word!
Regardless what ads that we serve, we still a blogger and we are friends!

It’s the movie fun? Not really for me since I like horror movie and this not up to my level.
Maybe you guys should see what happend at Midvalley 10 minute before the gate to nightmare open… errr I mean the hall open to public. That scary Freddy came to Midvalley!

One, two, Freddy Come to you.
Three, four, better lock your door.
Five, six, grab your crucifix.
Seven, eight, gonna stay up late.
Nine, ten, never sleep again

Imagine if this fellow keep came into your dream? What you will do? With the burn face and with the hand that attached with the blade… Love it ^^”

If you don’t want I spoil your movie day, don’t highlight the words XD
Death stalks the dreams of several young adults to claim its revenge on the killing of Freddy Kruger. Chased and chastised by this finger-bladed demon, it is the awakening of old memories and the denials of a past of retribution that spurns this hellish vision of a dreamlike state and turns death into a nightmare reality.

The actor acknowledges, “Nightmare on Elm Street” got very campy and comedic over the years since its origins in 1985.”

To play the red and blue striped shirt killer, the “Human Target” star studied serial killers, but it didn’t really help. “What it revealed to me was that I was playing a mythological Boogie Man,” he says. “I really learned early on that I’m not playing a serial killer. This guy is a mythological Boogie Man.”

A Nightmare on Elm Street” has seen countless sequels and spinoffs since it first came out in the mid-80’s. But unlike some of the “comedic” versions of the horror flick, the new one out today claims to be as scary, if not more frightening than the original.

The iconic scarred-faced villain, Freddy Krueger is played by soft-spoken Jackie Earle Haley. And he admits on Fox & Friends, that although the eerie killer’s deep voice is his own, “They put some tweaks on it with the computer,” he says.

So, now you realized that sleep inside class are very bad attitude because Freddy will come after you XD

If want compare this movie with during childhood, this time the Freddy it’s not really scary because he keep appear in the movie. I mean at least cover his face la. His face can simply see in the movie and make the movie not scary at all.

I asked my friend to be my date on that day where last minute he ffk me due the reason “hantu bunuh orang dalam mimpi? stupid!”

In the movie the part where she (inside the picture) pull out Freddy shirt it’s a little bit make me shock and all the popcorn drop to my shirt. Since I busy eat the popcorn and suddenly came out that scene + the sound volume haha XD

I bet a lot of guy don’t believe with ghost huh?
Until the time where he see by his own eyes.

This part where I like most because you can see a girl with a lot of blood came out inside the plastic bag weeeeeeeeeee ^oo^

Some people might say that this movie have a little bit hamsap =.=”

For me, this movie only scary at certain scenes in which Freddy pierced through the victims’ bodies with his fingers (attached with blades)
Overall I rate this movie 6/10

Want see the trailer?