Morning guys, first of all I would like to apologize for “no-update” blog post.
For those who do not know, currently I at Genting for honeymoon XP

Be part of blogger who are in the top 30 for the My Selangor Contest, it is really make me tired. I glad that everything is paid where I met bunch of awesome blogger and of course to promote Selangor it self. Not to mention that I really have a lot of things to do such as an assignment and that is why for those who follow me in twitter, HERE can see I was online almost 24hours. Hey, no pain no gain right?

Right now I enjoying my internet connection at McD Genting and will be online and stay at McD for until breakfast in order to complete my assignment.

Meanwhile… I receive sms from my friend that Mizz Nina have a speech for the Advertlets blogger yo!

Check it out!

Mizz Nina gaves Advertlets Bloggers a shoutout from the Arthur’s Day Press Conference

Advertlets Bloggers, you definitely wanna check this out 🙂 The awesome Mizz Nina has a message for you!

So, tell me your Arthur’s Day!

Want to be part. of exciting event?


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