I heard about my friend of mine who get whacked at Kampung Baru. huh? Really?
Heard his sad news in twitter & facebook yesterday. I have been follow his blog and admire his work for quite sometime. Oh ok, before that, I hope those who read this post can go his blog HERE and wish him to recover soon.

Back then, when I was in Singapore everywhere I went and even 4am in the morning, I felt safe but in Malaysia? You ask yourself.

When talk about 1Malaysia & racist issue, I believe you guys can google it and a lot of news come out. For me, I have bad experience as well. Either from Malay community and also other community. Not to blame all of them but some of them who still not educate are racist.

For those who do not know, I can count by myself how many Malay friends that I had during my Diploma (in Nilai UC) and I believe it will happend again in Taylor UC (where I study now).

This is what he wrote (copy & paste):

The Night I got Smashed In

The day had gone by perfectly, my team won the Pit Crew Experience by a mere 2point margin and then I went over to Paradiso for some dancing. Towards 12am (Saturday), I was feeling rather bored and my head start to think about things I don’t want to think about so I decide to join Andy, Euveng, Jason, NatC and gang for supper as they were going to the Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa Kampung Baru (which I was told is the Original). Found a spot right in front of the restaurant and proceed to eat.


By 2something near to 3am, we decide to leave, so I went to collect my car, got in, started the engine and locked my doors then I see this young malay guy kept slapping his hands on my window. I just look at him and he look like he was trying to start a fight, so the only reaction I know was to drive off rather than stand my ground to start a fight. As I drove off, I heard louder knocks on my car’s body (which I later found out was caused by helmets which has left dents around the car), ok, I panicked and I tried to find the fastest way out of that area cause I don’t want things to turn nasty, and next thing I know, some dude jumped onto the bonnet of my car and start jumping on it, my windscreen got smashed and punches start raining down on me.

Only thing I know or instinctively did was to try and block as much shots as I can that was going towards my eyes and nose. And before I knew it, my car keys was gone, part of my steering wheel was ripped out of it’s housing and windscreens got smashed and more punches was thrown in. I could only just let the punches continue until they get tired cause I doubt anyone would dare to come in between them and me. What felt like ages of continuous punches suddenly stopped when I heard someone started to shout at these people. Truthfully, if you ask me how many people attacked me, I wouldn’t know. I guess around the region of 15 – 20 people cause everything was a blur to me as it happened so fast.


Found out that the guy is a police officer and he started to chase the crowd away before two more officers in a patrol car showed up. They asked the crowd what happened and someone started telling them that I knocked into someone in front of the Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa shop (I was just starting my car, how would I be knocking into someone when my car wasn’t even moving yet?). The cops then interviewed me and try to find out what happened, I explained to them exactly as what I’ve written here except for the fact that @jasontkb and @euveng was my friends (they came up to me to check on me). The reason for that? I don’t want those malay guys to target them when they walk to their car after I head off to the police station. So I told the cops that both of them were passer by and they offer to help me with my injuries.

That’s basically about what happened. Took the tow truck 30minutes to show up cause my car keys (along with my camera bag that contains some lenses and a compact video camera as well as my blackberry) was missing from my car and I can’t drive myself to the police station to make a report. By the time we got to the police station, the cops told me to get myself over to HKL as they scared that I lost a lot of blood (well, a black color shirt was totally reddish might have helped to scare them). The doc took a look at me, clean me up and send me back home so here I am, recounting what happened to me earlier.


Thank You to all of you who asked about me (on Twitter & Facebook) and tried calling me on my mobile. Don’t have a mobile anymore so I’ve suspended my line until I can get a replacement phone (not in the near future cause whatever money I’ve made will go to getting my car fixed. Right now, I’m in my bed, feeling stoned, my nose and the upper part of my cheek area is still bleeding and I could feel some parts of my right side start to get swollen. Other than that, I’m still who I am. Thank You again everyone.


If you have experience racist issue, I hope you guy can share with us.