I just got back from Medan trip today and it is so good. Thank you so much Fireflyz, Dinas Indonesia and Rosmaidi (Mr Jocko) from Bloogers Media for the experience. Not forget to thanks Puma Malaysia for providing me with comfortable outfit from top to bottom and thanks to HTC Malaysia for make it possible for me to capture nice photo and video of myself with the Ultrapixels quality camera function.

4 days and 3 night is never be enough for me to explore Medan. There’s so many unseen place and I really hope I will have more opportunity to go Medan again. It was a pleasure to visit Medan and the most important is that I manage to build a relationship with a people who share the same interest, travelling.

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Medan is something different from what I thought. At first I think I will experience a culture of people but at the end of the day, it’s more than that. What I bring back to Malaysia is something that money cannot buy.

For me, when it come to Medan, it reminds me to my good friend Mr Daniel. He promised with me that he will bring me to his hometown in Medan Indonesia. Time flies and he left me to meet up with the creator. Allah love him more.

Put my memories with him aside, I did enjoy Medan a lot. I always thought that Medan is just another part of Indonesia but then I found out that Medan represent the uniqueness of Sumatera Indonesia.

We did a lot of activities and the one that I proud most is I overcome my fear. I jumped from 4 meters high and I almost give up due to afraid of high. Well, sometime life’s all about challenging ourself and to do something that we afraid of in order to be a better person.

Last but not least, the people that I met along the trip is what I was excited about. Connecting people from one to another on the line of passion and interest, travel.

Stay tuned with my blog because I can’t wait to share with you my experience. I’m going to share where to go, what to eat, what to do, which travel agent is good, etc

So, who else want to go Indonesia with me again?
The reason why I love Indonesia is because of their people and culture. I will be in Jakarta and Bandung on 16-24 October 2015. Hopefully the rest of you will enjoy my video and photo as much as I have fun capture it.