On our 2nd day of Medan trip, we went to few places. It was really tiring but worth it. The highlight of the day is Taman Simalem also known as Pearl of Lake Toba. This is Indonesia version of Cameron Highland. It is totally worth of the bus ride. 4-5 hours from Medan airport. I really want to spend a night or two over here with the loved one or with group of friends.

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This place is really beautiful and totally worth every single penny. I’m highly recommend for those who want to have gateaway with your friends or family.

This trip won’t happen without Fireflyz, Dinas Indonesia and Mr Jocko who invited me to this awesome trip. Hopefully the rest of you will enjoy my video and photo as much as I have fun capture it. So, if you never been to Medan Indonesia, do bookmark this blog. 

Our hotel in Danau Toba International Cottage.

The view from our hotel room. Interesting isn’t?

I will talk more about Danau Toba International Cottage. on my next post.

My shoes for the entire trip. PUMA Suede.

Heading down to Samosir Island. So what’s good about it? I’m so excited!!!

I will talk more Samosir Island on my next post.

Tour brief by our lovely tour guide, Sari.
As usual, I’m using my HTC One M9 Plus to record my Vlog.

The only fun thing when it comes to tour is to be part of their history and culture. This is the place where people get punish and get cut off their head. 
You can get variety of souvenir on your way back to jetty. The funny thing is, they will try to tell you it only cost IDR10K but once you try to buy something from them, it will turn up up to IDR100K.

I’m here at Hutasiallagan.

“Cinta tak harus memiliki tetapi perlu diingati hingga ke akhir hayat.” – Tuk Tuk King Tomok Island. The second island of the day. The king love his first love so much until he ask his people to make statue of her fiancee on his grave.
Our island ride.

Indonesian food is always unique yet tasty. Just look at the way how they look at it. Tempting enough? So, what’s your favourite Indonesian food?

Another Nasi Padang as our lunch. I will talk more about this restaurant on my next post.
What I like about Pearl of Lake Toba, is all about nature. Basically this is a Indonesia version of Cameron Highland.

On our way to Pearl of Lake Toba, we witnessed a funeral ceremony. Bad luck huh?
Our journey to the Pearl of Lake Toba is not really that easy. It was a long journey and we have to pass through some village. The journey to Simalen took us 3-4 hours bus ride. Along the road, we entertained by “awesome” bus driver driving skill and “dangdut” music video.

Basically in Pearl of Lake Toba, they have a lot of nice room available for you. From hotel-type to hostel-type. They have plenty type of room that suitable for your needs. From honeymoon, family or even school outing.

I will talk more about the rooms that available on my next post.

As usual, as photographer who love to travel, I love to take photos of fun thing. It’s good when you have sporting colleagues. 
They have a reason why they call it as Pearl of Lake Toba because you can see the entire Lake Toba from here. 
It was a good trip in Pearl of Lake Toba. I can’t wait to coming down to Lake Toba once again. Maybe on my next trip I can spend a night or two over there.

I will talk more about Pearl of Lake Toba on my next post.

Our dinner of the night. The food is ordinary but I love their eggplant. It’s really crispy yet sweet and spicy. 
 Our room for the night, Garuda Plaza Hotel.
Good news is I found my Bebek (duck). Burrrpppp and there have one more dish I haven’t eat yet ever since I reach Indonesia. Iga Bakar. My another favorite dish!!!! Unfortunately I’m still hungry and guess what? I’m here at Indomaret (Indonesia convenient store) to have my instant noodles fix.
End my day with some unhealthy food from Indomaret (Indonesia convenient store).