To be honest, to balance between my production house (need any photography or video production do let me know) and my social media work is never be an easy work. Especially when I have to travel around but I really glad that my staff are always very supportive. This post is basically a recap what I did when I was in Johor Bharu for Media FAM trip last week.

Top : @ProjekTravel
Pouch : PUMA Faas
Shoes : PUMA Suede

Day one recap: HERE
Huge thanks to MawardiProjek Travel and Toursim Malaysia for the opportunity.

The main highlight of the entire trip basically is on the second day. We are here for the launch of Ninja Go Shadow show from Legoland. Basically, this is the new attraction from Legoland. I’m really excited to share with you guys on my next post.
Say hello to the Ninja Go mascot.
Since our trip in Legoland end early, we manage to slot in Hello Kitty Town as part of our itinerary. Since is just located a stone throw away, why not? I’m huge fan of cat and this cuteness is overload… I can’t take it. I have to control myself because I’m a guy hahaha
I will talk more about Hello Kitty Town on my next post.
Senibong seafood is something that you must consider if you are seafood lover. Not to mention I frequently came here with my family whenever I went back to my hometown. Yes, now you know I’m a Johorean. This photo is taken from where I sit. So, basically this is your view while having fresh seafood.

I will talk more about Senibong seafood on my next post.

They said last dinner must be great. Let’s the photo do the talking.
We saw this beautiful jetty and we decided to give a quick photoshoot. Basically you can see Singapore from here.
As photographer cum to traveler, photoshoot is a must. Especially when I see nice spot and having sporting colleague. Let me introduce you to our new friends from Tourism Johor, @lady.emy and @Diyanazakariadz
Last group photo.

On our way back to our hotel, we drop by to Sky Screen JB.

It’s a new attraction especially if you have nothing to do at night. Just be careful with the cars. If Putrajaya have the colourful bridge at night, JB have this.

Right after our quick visit to sky screen JB, everyone went back to the hotel but I went back home. Some of the other media went to Baazar Karat.

The next day, after we check out from Thistle Hotel, we went to Kampung Sungai Melayu. Kg Sg Melayu to experience their Eco Tourism. It’s really interesting but I won’t tell you now what we do and what we see. You have to wait on my next post.
On our way back to Putrajaya, we went to JPO (Johor Premium Outlet). Countless.. how many time I have been here. 10 minutes away from my house.

So we end up having Starbucks and I bought some stuff from Puma.

They said life as photographer is boring.

Nothing, just want to show you what does Canon 16-35mm f2.8L can do.

Once in awhile give a photographer selfie with pretty girl can ah?

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