When I was studying my degree in Taylor’s University, there have so many business competitions that hit the market targeting young and fresh blood. One of the biggest and challenging competition is from Maybank.
This year, it’s getting bigger and much better than before with their theme #MoreThanAChallenge. Now, as it heads towards its 4th season, who knows what the future holds for this year’s contestants of Maybank’s award winning talent search & recruitment competition.
The launch was officiated by Pn.Nora Abdul Manaf, Group Chief Human Capital Officer who gave an inspiring and warm welcome speech to all the fellow media that was present that day.
I strongly suggest for those who love business and wanted to run their own company, this is something that you shouldn’t miss.

Maybank’s GO Ahead
Challenge has been proven globally successful in grooming potential leaders and
pushing everyone’s boundaries ever since this program was founded in 2012.

This program was
developed by Maybank Apprentices to seek out the right potential candidates to
be part of the ever expanding organization.

Women, like men, should try to do the impossible. And when they fail, their failure should be a challenge to others. I’m at Maybank’s Go Ahead Challenge with @yayanatsumi @emasputih90.

Requirements to participate are final year students and recent graduates with strong academic records- A minimum CGPA score of 3.0- 4.0 above or equivalent are encouraged to apply.

Head on over to their website to apply: www.goaheadchallenge.com
There is 2 types of category in this challenge:- Individual & Teams (up to 5 people)
Those who applied individually will be placed into teams if they do make it to the grand finals. 
The main prize is up to USD40,000. 
You also get to earn a fast track pass onto their prestigious Global Maybank Apprentice Program, which is a bespoke 2 year training & mentorship program with job rotations spanning across various departments and even an opportunity at the International placement at Maybank Offices.
The challenge is open to anyone, especially all final year students and recent graduates  from 14 different countries across the region & world, where Maybank has its significant presence.
– Malaysia
– Singapore
– Thailand
– Indonesia
– Cambodia
– Laos
– Vietnam
– Myanmar
– The Philippines
– China
– Hong Kong
-The United Kingdom (UK)
– The United States (US)
Love how my wallet from @htcsouthasia and my ideas book from @mymaybank match one and another
The application closes on 17th May 2015.
For more information, email them at goahead.challenge@maybank.com.my
You can also join the discussion board on their group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/go.ahead.academy/