Just in case if you guys miss my previous post about MOFEW2010, here you go! Since, the event just around the corner, I would like to reveal the itinerary on that day!

If you guys do not know what to do on 13-15 August 2010, come join MOFEW! at Midvalley!
What’s that? Just make it simple… It’s about Online, Gathering, Shopping & Event!

The emergence of online social media and networking has took the world by storm as the population in Facebook, Twitter and blogs continues to grow in tens of thousands each and everyday! This online revolution managed to push E-Commerce to a new level – a more effective platform, easier communication, simplified management, and most of all: it is much easier to implement than before.

Malaysia though not as advanced as other countries has also surfaced in the online scene, particularly in online purchasing like never before, causing the rise of many local online entrepreneurs (sometimes called technopreneurs) and most of them are the youth. As the demands of today’s world continue to grow, the youths in Malaysia are growing to be more entrepreneurial, rising up to the challenge of the business world by starting their very own, utilizing the online tools available such as blogs and is predominantly true among females as they are seen buying, selling and trading fashion items extensively through this medium.

“In short, this event is to CREATE POSSIBILITIES among aspiring entrepreneurs throughout Malaysia”

A gathering of more than 100 Online Fashion Entrepreneurs at a single event!

– It is FIRST of it’s kind in Malaysia
– Fashion CONNECTS people of different race, gender and cultural differences
– To PROMOTE the online entrepreneurial spirit among Malaysians
– It is THE THING among young people
– People are aspiring to be ENTREPRENEURS, they are looking for OPPORTUNITIES
– To cultivate GIVING among entrepreneurs

The objective of this event is to create nationwide awareness on the rise of online fashion entrepreneurs in Malaysia, promoting, inspiring and challenging online entrepreneurship by highlighting the enterprising attributes, creativity, innovation and success of today’s entrepreneurs along with the desire of giving back to the society. – Jan Wong, Online Strategist and Project Director of MOFEW ‘10

MOFEW 2010 Itinerary!

Some of you may be wondering what else will be happening throughout the 3-Day event and here it is! The itinerary for your reference! There’ll be various workshops going on too to help you in starting up your very own online business! Not to forget, MOFEW: The Search (finals) and also an exclusive Hair Show by Snips on Day 3 – you definitely would not want to miss that out!

Remember to bring along your Mysterious Markers as you’ll be entitled to awesome prizes to take home, especially if you have a FULL SET of it! The first 300 with a FULL SET of Mysterious Markers win EVEN BIGGER prizes!

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