While people shout Merdeka in twitter, facebook, msn etc, I just stay at home and surf internet.
Some people said that I don’t have any patriotic spirit. Oh really?

For me, if you have a patriotic spirit without any legal action that can change people mind and action, it’s useless. Another reason that I lazy to go out is I scare people smack me an run away with my camera LoL

Latest issue that happened right now is about racist. So, what happend to me? I belongs to what race? LoL Mom (Thailand + Singaporean) Dad (Indonesia + Malaysia)… So how about me?

Not to say that I racist, but if you really look from the other view Malaysia still have people who are racist. Not to mention that my friend who get smacked at Kampung Baru but also some other cases in Malaysia such as the mornig speech at high school. Just ask Mr. Google and you can find torn of racist issue in Malaysia.

Another case, HERE!

Just take the simple example. Those who are still in Uni level, some of the Uni level (not all) also have racist issue but not really obvious. If you enter class room (lecturer hall especially) it’s hard to see other race sit together.

Yesterday, friend of mine gave me this link which is it’s really look stupid. Not the people who in the video but the person who record it. I know the video has been upload for quite some time, but yeah… Where is their moral? The worst part is… the one who are record it is MALAY!




For those who have any bad experience about racist, please reply here. Thanks.
I hope it can help people open their eyes.