Everytime when I met a new friends & went to somewhere that is new for me, same question came out from them.

So, today we have a short interview with Feeq and find out what is the question that normally people ask him.

Q: What is your real name & and where did you get your nickname?

A: My name is Firdaus. I have a lot of nick name such as Firdz, Feeq, Hungry Ghost, etc..
Mostly people known me as Feeq or Hungry Ghost or Meaningfool.
Feeq – There have 1 day when I went to Singapore Food Festival last time and some media asked me what is my name and one of them said that it’s difficult to pronouns my real name so he gave me a nickname for me & introduce to his friends.
Hungry Ghost & Meaningfool – Since I’m a food blogger I get it from it.

Q: Are you Malay? You diddnt looks like Malay.

A: I proud to say I’m MALAY! Maybe because my mom from Thailand & my father from Indonesia.

Q: Why I seldom see you write your blog in Malay & why your Malay language weird?

A: I feel comfortable to write my blog in English & at the same time I can improve my English as well. My Malay language is not really good maybe because I grow up at singapore since my mom is singaporean but I still can speak well Malay. Thanks to my dad because he is Malaysian!

Q: What did you think about blog?

A: Nowadays if we look blog from the other side, blog is not only a journal. It’s more to a platform for people to separate the news, media advertising, gain a knowledge, improving, and also meet a new friends.

Q: Who does influence you to be a blogger?

A: One of my friends who my ex-schoolmate and he ask me to create a blog. I forget my 1st blog URL =.=”

Q: Did you taking photographer or mass communication course?

A: Actually I’m Diploma in Hotel Management from Nilai University College which is curently my final semester and doing my internship at MyC! Planning to continue my Bachelor in Mass Communication.

Q: Your blog about food. Why & Did you know how to cook?

A: I love to cook, eat but lazy to clean kitchen XD
I’m learn culinary arts skill when I’m study at Nilai University College.

Q: List 5 of your favorite cuisines. (1 is most like)

A: 1- Japanese (Unagi, Sashimi, Oyster, etc..)
2 – Chinese (Dim Sum, Roasted Duck, etc..)
3 – Western (Lamb Chop, Pasta, etc..)
4 – Korean (Bulgogi, Kimchi, etc..)
5 – Indonesia (Ayam Penyet, Duck Grill, etc..)

Q: You like to eat but you still slim. Any comment?

A: Yeah right. Honestly I hate my body XP
I’m FAT!!!