Whenever I met bunch of my friends, they keep talking about Christmas.
So most of the question that they asked me are:

1: Have you bought your Christmas present?
To find a right present for the right people at the right time is a very hard. Especially is for someone who important in your life.
What I bought for my family? An ingredient for a dinner. I love food and cook is the best way for me to show my love ^oo^ I will cook Tukey for them of course XD
Other than your family? I plan to buy something for my friend & I hope I can give it to her. But I don’t think so…

2: Where would you celebrate you Christmas and with who?
I will going back Singapore to celebrate it. Not with my family or friends but with a Christmas decoration…at least not alone ^oo^
Have a cup of coffee at Clark Quay and snap some photo. I plan to visit one of the place where people said that if you throw a coin & wish something, it’s can turn out… Just wanna try XD

P/S: Feeq will gonna out today for whole day ya… Miss Tourism @ Sunway Pyramid, Comic Fiesta @ Sunway Convention Centre & 1 Malaysia Food Fair @ PWTC