Today is 30.12.09 & tomorrow is 31.12.09…

What going on?

Welcome 2010…

I don’t want talk about New Zealand Natural Ice Cream or Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Promotion but it’s more about what my 2010 Resolution!

What Is My Resolution?

So now here I am, trying to list down the 20 things.
This is 20 things that I want make my dream come true on 2010 XD
Why 20? because my age 20 ma ^oo^

1: Be more Matured & Gentle. (we see it XD)
2: Learn how to Play Piano. (Like in the secret movie?)
3: I’m complete my Diploma in Hotel Management! (Hoorey!!!)
4: Continue Bachelor in Marketing and aim for Master! (Jia You’)
5: Will continue study at Nilai University College! (Sure?)
6: Get cool gear for my baby… Canon EOS 500D (Wide Lens & Speedlight?)
7: Learn more Malay? (U Must!)
8: I want visit Cameron Highland & Tioman Island (Anyone?)
9: Set my day for a Photography Trip (Hint for baby gear)
10: Less Talk & more too Observing + Listening (Move when it’s on time)
11: Low profile! (You should)
12: Accept your Mistake & Correct it (Less people hate U perhaps)
13: Protect her (Closer or from far)
14: No more Lazy! Maintain CGPA! (Book Worm?)
15: Active in Blogging! (Yea!!! Event & Gathering)
16: No impossible in my life dictionary! (Make the impossible to possible side)
17: Forgive everyone mistake before I sleep every night (Follow Mualaf – Late Yasmin Ahmad latest movie!)
18: Be nice with all people (Make people stop said that I arrogant)
19: Success in everything that I will do & hate fail! (Pray to God XD)
20: Forget pass & Move Forward! (Be happy)

For those who have comment or suggestion,
please post something ya XD