I think with the Malaysia current condition, we need some laugh. Well, if you talk about stand up comedian, our Godfather of Comedy in Malaysia, Harith Iskander is not a new name in the industry.
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For the past 25 years, Harith Iskander have putting a lot of effort to bring Malaysia comedy into another level. I still remember the first time I watch Harith Iskander on the Television is during Spanar Jaya sitcom more than 10 years ago.

Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Festival 2015 is where you can get all your favourite comedy heroes and this is the biggest International Comedy Festival in The Region. Over 60 of the World’s Funniest Comedians from 14 different countries over 8 days. 

Stand-up comedy, improvisational comedy, sketch comedy, magic comedy, we’ve got comedy from the ascerbic to the absurd, and everything in between. Across genres, across countries and oh, across languages too! English, Malay, Cantonese, Tagalog, Bahasa Indonesia, and even physical comedy, all under an international umbrella of universal laughter and a shared sense of humour.

Harith Iskander’s Introduction to Kuala Lumpur International Comedy Festival 2015 [KLICF]

16th to 23rd September 2015

1) Crackhouse Comedy Club KL at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

2) The Bee, Publika
3) White Box, Publika
4) Black Box, Publika at Publika and
5) Manhattan Ballroom – Berjaya Hotel
You can grab the tickets from HERE! #klicfest2015

Alan Bates (United States) alanbates.tv

International Comedy Hypnotist Alan Bates presents a fast moving comedy stage presentation. The Stars of the Stage may find themselves winning the Lottery on stage, meeting celebrities, starring in the cast of River Dance, feeding baby fairies or even conducting an orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall, London and receiving a Knighthood from her Majesty the Queen.

This is just a small insight as to what may happen. Alan prides himself on the respectability of the performance. The show includes audience participation but Alan stresses that you can not be hypnotised against your will and that you will not do anything against your own personal moral values, “That is why Alan looks for volunteers without any values”! 

So, if you want feel the hypnosis, do be volunteer yourself when he looking for volunteer during his show.

Hung Lee (Australia) hungle.com.au

Headlined and encore in his very first stand up gig. Hung, the world’s first, best and tallest Vietnamese comic guarantees to spin your mind, dazzle your imagination and awaken your funny zones.

29th April 1975, the last day of the Vietnam war, a nine year old boy jumped onto a leaking prawn trawler on Saigon River with a box of dried biscuits and some seasick pills and managed to survive thirst and hunger to cheat death to become one of the first Vietnamese boat people to land in Australia. His movies include The Wogboy, Fat Pizza, True Love and Chaos, Broken Hill and Sensitive New Age Killer.Hung is a favourite at Montreal Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Festival and Melbourne International Comedy Festival. An author, musician, clown, actor and all round song and dance man…Hung’s stand up work and theatre shows are always edgy, satirical, political and his musical send ups go straight for the jocular.His first book ‘The Yellow Peril From Sin City’ was released through Penguin.

His second, a children’s book ‘BarryNoodles & DaKillerBs’ is with Random House. A constant on the world festival stage and TV since 1988, Hung has made documentaries for the ABC, SBS, Discovery Channel. TV includes CNN, MTV, The Muppet Show, Wow Wow[Japan], London Weekend Television and all throughout Asia.“We used to live across the road from the Presidential Palace, which in the 70s in Saigon was a really stupid place to live. They say Vietnam brought the war into people’s living rooms…yeah, you’re telling me, and we didn’t even have a TV.One side of our front yard was a statue of the Buddha that my father, Le Thanh Nhon, made. He was Vietnam’s most famous artist.

At the end of

the war, the communists smashed all his work but they didn’t touch his Buddha because there’s an old Buddhist saying; KARMA SUITS YA.

We left Vietnam 29th April 1975. We had 3 hours to leave, so quickly we packed our bags, loaded the car, fed the dog…to granny, and fanged it down to the dock. There would’ve been heaps more of us except, at the same time, Hollywood released JAWS. And that, my friends is why ‘CHARLIE DON’T SURF!”

Jarred Fell (New Zealand) jarredfell.com

The Award Winning Comedian Magician, Jarred Fell, isn’t just a normal magician.He combines a fast-paced razor sharp wit with his tornado-like approach to magic, gore and comedy.

Jarred has been on the NZ Comedy scene professionally for several years now. He has performed in 4 previous New Zealand International Comedy Festivals and has sold out numerous seasons of shows. His style of comedy and magic had him touring all over New Zealand since 2009; performing, recording and entertaining at some of the top corporate events nationwide.

In 2010 Jarred was nominated for The Billy T Award. And in 2011 Jarred was invited to open for Steve O from Jackass in The International Comedy Festival which received great praise.

“Jarred Fell is one of my favourite acts to work with, I wish I could take him on tour with me everywhere ” – Steve O, Jackass He has performed for a number of celebrities including Jack Black, Dan Aykroyd and Paul Daniels. Along with headlining shows around New Zealand, Jarred has performed in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Brisbane and many more.

Tammer Kattan (United States) tamerkattan.com

Tamer began his comedy career in Los Angeles and New York, but very quickly began to tour internationally. His over-seas experiences include two tours for the troops in Afghanistan, performing at The famous Falaki theatre at the American University in Cairo during the Egyptian revolution and the Edinburgh fringe in Scotland, where he received three 4 star reviews from international press. Towards the end of 2013, he moved to London for 1 year (following the path of his two biggest comedic influences, Patrice O’Neal and Bill Hicks). Tamer was most recently featured on Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity event with Todd Glass and Hannibal Buress and has TV & Radio credits on BBC and SkyTV in the UK as well as in the U.S. on Fox, HULU, HGTV and TRU TV.

Tamer Kattan was born an outsider and that’s where he stayed. This Egyptian-born American was born into a family of Muslims, Christians and Jews, leaving him incredibly comfortable in the uncomfortable. From school yard bullies to an abusive father, comedy quickly became a weapon of this underdog. An award winning international comedian with TV and commercial credits in the United States and UK, Tamer has a deep understanding of the human condition. A regular at the Comedy Store, Improv and Laugh Factory in Los Angeles. This is one comic you do not want to miss live.

Jonathan Atherton (Australia)

Jonathan Atherton is one of Australia’s finest stand-up comedians. He is also an actor, television presenter, voice artist, screen writer and award winning photographer.

A love of culture and adventure drew him away from the staid corridors of academia and into the heart of the third world. He spent most of the 80’s travelling through Asia and Africa where he worked as tour guide, salvage diver, teacher, set builder, photographer, restaurateur and actor.

In Thailand in 1991 he was run over by a truck and evacuated to Australia where he spent over a year in traction, fighting gangrene, antibiotic resistant infection and the devastating effects of 17 compound fractures to his legs, arms and spine. He underwent a dozen major operations. But he never lost his sense of humour.

In fact the stories he brought back from his prolific travels formed the nucleus of his initial comedy performances. While still in plaster he was coaxed on stage by a cabaret singer who maintained that his poignantly hilarious anecdotes were funnier than the diatribe of the professional comedians who worked at the club where she performed.

After just one appearance in 1993 at the Sit Down Comedy Club in Brisbane, Australia, he was hooked on the art of stand-up comedy… despite a temporary inability to actually stand up without the aid of crutches! With a bag of stories and a keen insight into the human condition, he honed his comedy skills touring that vast continent, dispensing laughter wherever he went.

He speaks a multitude of languages – Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Japanese, Swahili, Luganda, and German… and has a passing knowledge of Burmese Tagalog, Lao, Hindi, Batak, Urdu, Arabic, Hokkien and Mandarin.

More important than language, says Atherton, is an ability to comprehend discourse strategies and social boundaries. In this sense he is at home anywhere on the planet.

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Back from touring and performing in sold-out shows around the world, Ong-als will be bringing their slaptastically funny brand of humour here in KL! Despite being 100% Korean, this group transcends language and cultural barriers as they present their ‘babbling man-baby’ physical comedy routine!
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