If you are looking for something fresh, well Kami Hysteria is the answer. Soon it will be hitting our neighborhood cinema. Directed by Shamyl Othman and thanks to Astro Shaw, Marna Films and Red Films who put Nur Fazura, Diana Danielle, Sara Ali, Nad Zainal, Mila Jirin, Izzue Islam, Adflin Shauki and Umie Omar under one roof.


Kami Histeria tells a story about five friends of their own band named “Kami Histeria”. They recently moved to live in a flat located on the edge of the forest in order to facilitate them to jamming together. Since living in the flats, they are often interrupted by the sound of laughing at midnight. However, they continue to attempt to record the band’s latest song Histeria without the voice ignore. After the song was uploaded into

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