Guess what? Advertlets gonna give away Justin Bieber Never Say Never Movie Premiere!!!
Thanks to Advertlets and Tune Talk! =3

Top 5 Best Blogpost (3D Movie Tickets X 5 pairs)
Top 30 Runners up Blogpost (Normal Hall Tickets X 30 pairs)

Heard that? 3D movie screening!!!

OMG!! I want It!!!
3D Movie Ticket!!!

Why I deserve to attend the Movie Premiere?
Because I am huge fan of him. I respect him because he are talented. Some people do not agree but in this society we believe that we could not able to satisfied other people right? try to put yourself on his shoes. In this world, there is always have a lot of haters/jealous people around you. The only thing you can do is, improve yourself to better stage and just ignore it.

What does ‘Never Say Never’ phrase mean to you?
In my life, when I like something and I would like to archive something, you must trust yourself. Do not give up in anything you want do. Once you give up, there is the end. If you fall once, you no need to wait someone else to back you up. Just depends on yourself and it will make you stronger!

Never Say Never!!!

Before that, do you know that Tune Talk is the one who bring Justin Bieber in?
You do not know? :'(

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For this contest, you MUST include these in your blog post;
1. About TuneTalk prepaid (http://www.tunetalk.com/services?page=features)
2. Why you deserve to attend the Movie Premiere
3. And what does ‘Never Say Never’ phrase mean to you.
4. Include the Movie & Concert flyer

Terms and Conditions:
– Your entry must link to this blog post and have the 2 images (ABOVE) included in your post.
– (IMPORTANT) Do send your post URL to (jason.ong@advertlets.com) after you’ve done your blog post.
– Winners will be notified via email for tickets confirmation. Judges’ decision is final.

Closing date for all entries and voting is 31st March 2011 at 11.59pm


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