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“Reading without understanding equal to walking in the dark”

Awal Muharam is not only just another public holiday or new year based on the Islamic calendar. It is more than that. I used to put my career as my main priority. A few months back, something happened and I realize there is something more important than making money. When I decided to put everything behind and make a change, there are so many obstacles. Now, I could see the light and the path that will lead me. I bought that Al-Quran translation for only RM59.90. If you prefer smaller version, you can get for only RM39.90.

We always wanted other religious to trust Islam and Al Quran. The question is; if we as Muslim and we don’t even understand “what is Al Quran” all about, how can you convince others to trust you, to trust Islam and Al Quran?

Photo taken from the Pustaka Rezeki Harapan facebook.

You can get a good deal for Islamic books in Pustaka Rezeki Harapan at Wisma Yasin, Jalan Masjid India. Just in case you get lost, just ask around where is the Wisma Yasin is. Most sellers in Jalan Masjid India know where is Wisma Yasin.

Photo taken from the Pustaka Rezeki Harapan facebook.

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