iPhone 4 Celcom2
Guess what? Celcom will bring in iPhone 5. Eh wait.. I mean iPhone 4. I know that the other competitor already bring it in for quite sometime such as Digi and Maxis.

Since I am looking for new phone, maybe Celcom will give me good deal.

Yes! Now you can do a pre-registrations through Celcom website. Unfortunate, currently still no details on the package.

I never use Celcom before but I know that Celcom has only GPRS and 3G compare to Maxis and Digi where they have GPRS, Edge and 3G.

The question is, how low the price that Celcom can offer to us? Since they quite late in bring in the iPhone 4?

iPhone 4 Celcom
I already registered. How about you? For more information on the Celcom iPhone, visit www.celcom.com.my/iphone

iPhone 5 is arriving soon.. How? Hmmm