IOI City Mall is the new hit on social media. I believe Uniten, UPM and Lim Kok Wing students are the most happiest students because they have a new place to hang out; lifestyle and entertainment shopping mall. Not to mention another alternative for the Putrajaya resident after Alamanda.
When I heard about the new IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. I’m so excited. I believe that they have so many rooms of improvement and since it’s still new, let’s give IOI City Mall some time to improve. This is definitely my another hang out spot other than The Mines and Cheras Leisure Mall.
Since I’m always using SKVE highway, it was easily spotted. Located at IOI Resort City near the Serdang Hospital and UNITEN (please be careful with AES). IOI Mall City can easily spot from the highway. Just pay attention to IOI Resort City sign.

Travel by Car:
IOI City Mall is easily reachable via LDP, SKVE, Besraya, MEX, SILK &; North-South Highway. Cars from various entry and exit points may enjoy an all-round connectivity to the Mall.

Free Shuttle Bus (Pickup & Drop off Points)
IOI City Mall Bus Terminal (Level B3)
PFCC Bandar Puteri Puchong
KTM Serdang

Public Bus
NADI PUTRA Bus Service
J08 (Putajaya Sentral → IOI City Mall)
J09 (Terminal Park & Ride Presint 14→ UNITEN → IUKL → IOI City Mall)

Any metered taxi from KL to Putrajaya will take only about 30 minutes and a 15minutes journey from Putrajaya Sentral to IOI City Mall

I went yesterday (Sunday) and it’s only 4th day operation of IOI City Mall. It’s officially launch on 20 November 2014. Upon arrival, some of the parking area is closed due to water leaking. Not to mention I arrive at 10.30am and it was crowded. Took me 10 minutes to enter the parking area and another 10 minute just to get a parking. Good sign.

P/S: They have to improve on mobile phone coverage. Lower ground and ground floor have no coverage. 

The first shop that I saw was Gyudon Beef Rice. For those who Japanese Beef Rice lover, I would strongly suggest Yoshinoya, Unfortunately is no longer available in Malaysia. It was closed a few years back. If you happen to go to Singapore or Indonesia, you should try. It’s much better than thus Gyudon.

The directory can be found in the middle and the end of the shopping mall (near escalator). For Muslim, prayer room is available.

If you ask me how to describe IOI City Mall, I would say a combination of Sunway Pyramid and Aeon Shopping Mall. The only thing that makes IOI City Mall interesting are their main attractions. District 21, Bowling, GSC Cinema and Olympic size ice skating. They still have a lot more under construction shop and I would like to see what they will have on my next visit.

District 21. I’m so excited to see what they have for us.
Cafe and restaurant are located at lower ground floor and ice skating located at the end of the shopping mall. Same area with GSC Cinema and Texas Chicken. GSC still under construction.

The new look of Tesco hypermarket. Looking good with new concepts.

I post up a status on my social media (instagram and facebook) and many people request me to update them about their one and only main attraction. Olympic size ice skating. I used to skate before in Sunway Pyramid. Unfortunately, I’m not good at it. Anyone willing to teach me?
They do offer ice skating classes. Below are the rates:
Store directory
Mall opening hours: 10am – 10pm
IOI City Mall GPS: 2.971188, 101.713856
Official website: