Last week, I was invited by Jesly Chew from Apex-pal to have a food review session. Actually it’s not a food review and just a lunch and chit chat to know what the Sakae Sushi will come out soon. Guess what? Sakae Sushi will be revamping their menu by July 2010 & their outlet at Bangsar Village 2 is currently running a Wagyu Beef promo, which may be worth checking out.

So, I went to Sakae sushi before and there’s have some menu that I wanted to tried. So, that day I managed to try it and Sakae Sushi serve it well.

Sashimi Mori Yu @ RM59.90
This is assorted sashimi (7 kinds) – Salmon, Tuna, Yellowtail, octopus, red snapper, salmon roe, sweet shrimp.
The sashimi is just normal for me but I impress with the size of it. It’s quite thick and for RM59.90 is just a perfect price. People told me if you want to have the sashimi, must eat with the wasabi to avoid worms. For me, I don’t eat wasabi I just ate the sashimi like that. It’s awesome!

Mango & Soft shelled crab Maki @ RM12.90
If you ask me about soft shell crab, I still prefer sushi zanmai but wait the minute. Sakae sushi also had a nice soft shell crab. You guys might want try what the taste mango mis with soft shell crab? try this menu. Can see the topping? I love it! The mango not really sour and sweet just perfect.

Salmon Asparagus Teriyaki Roll @ RM13.90
Salmon wrapped with the asparagus? That’s my first time tried it. I know I quite outdated T.T I never knew that it’s nice where they serve with the teriyaki sauce until sakae sushi open my eyes. The meat was tender and the combination of salmon, asparagus and teriyaki sauce is just into perfection from the taste and the colour.

Salmon Mentai Yaki @ RM15.90
If you are salmon die hard fan, this salmon mentai yaki must have inside your list. It’s topped with codfish roes & mayo. From the picture also you can see that the mayonnaise really rich. The layer really thick and the salmon they grill a little bit makee the kin crunchy. I was a salmon fan but if it’s a sashimi.

Salmon & Teriyaki Chicken Bento @ RM22.90
Like usual, Sakae’s bentos cames with the obligatory miso soup, rice & so forth.
I’m not really fan of teriyaki since I not really like ketchup but the best part for this bento is they serve chawanmushi topping with eel.

Sakura Bento @ RM32.90
The set came with the duck meat, codfish, seasoned octopus, fried tofu topped with codfish roe & Mayo, potato salad, unagi, chanwanmushi, Jap rice & miso soup.
If you plan to order this set, make sure you ask them if it’s a duck meat or chicken meat. In the menu it says duck meat and we got chicken instead. Apparently, they were out of duck that day. Best part is, they only informed me when they serve me my bento. Naturally, Rebbeca wasn’t too pleased. but it’s seems that the cod fish made up for it though.

Unagi Kamameshi @ RM17.90
I’m ordered the traditional rice dish cooked in iron pot where it’s always be my favorite all the time whenever I had my visit to Sakae Sushi. It’s came together with rice, shimeji mushroom, eel and Japanese omelete.

Unagi Kabayaki @ RM12.90
To be honest, my meal wont complete without any eel or unagi. Japanese eel really awesome and sakae eel is one of it. This river eel is cooked with kabayaki sauce and it’s just into the perfection. It’s not really expensive if want compare with other Japanese retaurant and for RM12.90 is really worth.

Ika Lobster Salad (squid & lobster) @ RM5.90
It’s quite nice and the lobster mix well with the mayonnaise. For RM5.90 it’s really worth…yeah at least they use the real lobster.

Gyu Tataki (seared sirloin beef) @ RM5.90
I can’t eat beef so, this is what Rebbeca thought about this Gyu Tataki.
“I thought this was something different, & placed an order without hesitation”

Kani Fumi (Snow crabstick) @ RM3.90
Normally the crabstick it’s made from the normal crabstick that you can get from giant, but this Kani Fumi is different one.

Mogu Mogu Fruit Juice with Nata de Coco @ RM6.90
I was looking for some of the drinks that produce from Japan other than green tea and I thought this drink is from Japan. Once it’s came, it’s made from Thailand. Gues what? It’s really nice and the nata de coco damn big!

Overall I will vote:
5/10 for the service. I hope there will be honest next time where I ask the set that have a duck meat, but it’s came chicken meat without telling us.
7/10 for the food quality and quantity. Worth for the decent meal.
7/10 for the environment. Cosy interior, clean and comfortable like other normal Japanese restaurant.

Bangsar Village II
2F-26 / 27, 2nd Floor
Bangsar Village II
2 Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel No:
603-2287 1535

603-2287 1536


P.S.: This is based on individual’s taste and liking and if there’s any other further questions about this restaurant or the food, feel free to drop a comment. Thanks!