Last Saturday, I was invited by KLUE to attend the “Rock out with Car Crash Hearts at Heineken Green Space”

Taking place at Milk, it’s kinda new place for me since I don’t know where it is until I saw the signboard that shows the same way to Mist Club. So, on that day the Heineken Green Space feature a party hosted by indie band Car Crash Hearts. Not only will you get to hang out with the band, guest get to appear in the music video for their upcoming single, ‘Just A Face In The Crowd’, which will be filmed at Heineken Green Space!

“The song’s about not wanting to be caught in a routine and breaking out,” shares band spokesman Alda. The music video is courtesy of Heineken Green Space, an initiative that invites the public to propose to host their own private parties. Great ideas/concepts will then be made into a party for the chosen and 100 of their closest friends. Past Green Space alumni include Twilight Actiongirl, The Breakfast Club and Wheel_Love.

Heineken Green Space feature “indie karaoke” where you can belt out some indie rock classics while channelling your inner Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love or Matt Bellamy on stage. Shy peeps, on the other hand, can do their rock star stuns in the video karaoke booths. Heineken Green Space will be filming you as you sing along with ‘Just A Face In The Crowd’, so consider yourself warned!

Sausage band in the house yo!

Me & Her.

Group photo!
L-R: Hanie, Rebecca, Clara, Little Monkey & Suresh.