Have you guys try the Molten Lava? I tried it once when I went there to grab fast dinner with some of my friends during the Tokio Hotel concert at 1Utama past few weeks ago. Right after the concert, U tried to buy it but I unlucky because it’s late and it’s close.

Thanks to Botakai where last Wednesday, I was invited to join the food review at Molten Lava in 1Utama. When talk about the dessert, Molten Lava is a shop specialised in Churros, which is also known as Spanish doughnut.

I was informed by the pretty Molten Lava bos where Molten Lava was created out of the love for good food, food that makes you happy. This idea was sparked by a craving for the oh-so-yummy churros sold in Disneyland (happy food from the happiest place on Earth). Then, they took the idea further and cooked up delicious snacks from around the globe, fused them with the favourite local flavours and voila, the menu was born!

Designed to appeal to practically anybody, their quirky menu ranges from the humble home-baked chicken pie to churros with sambal ikan bilis for the more adventurous. They are proud to be Malaysias first churros outlet and are regularly cooking up new delicious-snacks-that-can’t-be-found-in-KL, such as our latest product, the Funnel Cake.

But why Molten Lava? Well, the name originates from their signature lavas, a range of sauces served steaming hot on churros, toast, roti paratha or glutinous rice. Their lavas are inspired by the Thai-style sangkayah and come in a variety of flavours such as pandan, taro, banana, durian (most popular) and many more.

If you guys looking for a lunch set that really nice and not expensive, you guys can try their set lunch with is just RM8.80!

Specialties at Molten Lava:
Funnel Cakes
Chicken Pies
Lemongrass Tea

Molten Chocolate Dip @ RM5.80
When talk about churros, the only churros that I tried is this one. Dip inside hot chocolate and and topping with some sugar really make my dessert perfect! The outer layer is crispy, while the inner part is super soft and fluffy. They have a variety choices of dip such as chocolate dip and Ikan Bilis dip.

Churros with Sambal Ikan Bilis (spicy anchovy) @ RM5.80
Other than the chocolate dip, they have Ikan Bilis for you to dip your churros. If you like some spicy stuff, this is the one you guys might want try. It’s looks simple but the outcome? Marvelous!

Chocolate & Caramel Dizzle @ RM5.20
Churros is really easy to make my dessert day perfect because it’s core and most bankable item is the Churros, which is a stick form of doughnut, fried till it is golden and crispy and can be “dressed up” with sugar, or drizzled over with luscious chocolate caramel or other forms of “dressing”.

Churros Cinnamon Sugar @ RM4.80
People in the US and Mexico like to have their Churros with cinnamon. It’s great for takeaway, too, as people could just snack on them at theme parks.

Filled Churro @ RM4.50 each
Strawberry, Chocolate & Dulce De Leche (thick caramel).

If you think that Churros is thin and small, you are wrong! try their Filled Churro where it is almost the same as normal Churros only that it’s bigger and there’s filling inside of it. I personally prefer the chocolate and the dulce de leche where it’s a thick caramel.

Funnel Cake Banana & caramel + Ice Cream @ RM10.50

Funnel Cake Strawberry Chocolate + Ice Cream @ RM10.50

If you like something different like some hot stuff mix with cold stuff, you guys might want to try their funnel cake. There have choice between Funnel Cake Banana & caramel + Ice Cream or Funnel Cake Strawberry Chocolate + Ice Cream. With only RM10.50 you got the nice hot + cold desert. It’s made from the same ingredient of churros and the different are it’s very thin layers weaved like a web, therefore it’s crispy if compared with Churros.

Funnel Cake Chocolate & Caramel @ RM7.80
Some people might don’t like ice cream. Don’t worry because you can try the Funnel Cake without ice cream but topping with Chocolate and Caramel.

Roti Paratha Peanut Butter + Banana + Chocolate Dizzle @ RM5.00
I tried the roti paratha or roti canai with curry or even roti canai + banana. If you ask about Roti Paratha Peanut Butter + Banana + Chocolate Dizzle, this is my 1st time. Lucky it’s turn out not bad. It’s a little bit dry and hope they have some kiwi too ^^

Tom Yam Fried Rice @ RM6.80
If you guys think that churros can’t make your cute stomach full, they have rice and noodles as well. The Tom Yam fried rice not really spicy and there have enough Tom Yam flavor in it.

Cupcake @ RM2.80 per cup
Other than heavy food, maybe you guys wanna try their light snack where they have other things on the menu besides Churros. They sell custom made cupcakes where it’s colourful and have right amount of sweetness as the topping ^^

Brownies @ RM4.80 per pcs.
The brownies looks nice but I’m too full to try it.

Coffee Butter Cake @ RM4.80 per slice.
It’s remind me to my ex college mate. the time where I bake a cake :'(

Chicken Pie @ RM1.80 per pcs.
The amount of chicken it’s perfect where they not “kiam sap” to put a lot of chicken ^^

With the big bos of Molten Lava.
All Molten Lava products are freshly made on-site daily and are free of preservatives. We serve both eat-in and take-away, so everyone can get their dose of happy food regardless of their schedules.

Thanks for the invite ^^ Little Monkey & Botakai.

Camwhore moment!
Clockwise: Botakai, Clever Monkey, Little Monkey, Pei Li & Jamie.

Group photo!
Back L-R: Little Monkey, Jason Ong, Jamie & Pei Li.
Front L-R: Aaron Kee & Xiang.

Overall I will vote:
8/10 for the service. They have prepare extra dining area which is located open air in front of the cafe and reserve for the Moletn Lava customer only.
7/10 for the food quality and quantity. Worth to try and price reasonable.
8/10 for the environment. The modern looking Molten Lava.

Lot LG312B, (Opposite Cold Storage)
Lower Ground Floor Oval,
One Utama Shopping Centre,
No. 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya,

Tel No:
03-7725 1777

03-3341 3495



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Operation Hour:
10am to 10pm (Sun to Thurs)
10am to 10.30pm (Fri and Sat)

P.S.: This is based on individual’s taste and liking and if there’s any other further questions about this restaurant or the food, feel free to drop a comment. Thanks!