I was busy clean my room since I will shift out to Sunway where nearby with Taylor Lakeside Campus today ~ 3minute walk only! and I fall sleep. I thought I will late since I leave Nilai around noon and lucky KTM quite fast and guess what? There’s no delay like usual!

I was inform by Leonard to meet up at Bangsar Starbuck Jalan Telawi 3 but I thought that will be one starbuck only and I not really copy down the address. So, I went to Bangsar LRT and took bus since I too early. I grab the bus and go all the way until Help and Masha college and turn back to the LRT. The bus driver asked me, “adik mana mahu pergi? mahu jalan2 bangsar ka?” I was like WTF?! I thought you guys will go inside bangsar area? “They thambi, mana ada, lalu depan bangsar village saja”

I like… Fine! Since I still early I will walk to Bangsar Village Starbuck and sat + drank a cup of coffee. After almost 4pm, I started sms Azrin and ask where the rest of them… I salah tempat la… Paiseh =.=”

Ok… Lets continue to see what happened while chat with Hannah Tan from Japan!

The crowd and later Evo and the rest came…

Propose? ^^”

Magic Man in the house ~ Zlwin Chew
No1: Hannah’s name on the label is inside the bottle! How it’s work? Zlwin just wrote HANNAH’s name on the label of the bottle and within one second, it’s appear inside the coke bottle!
No2: Everyone’s tried to find out the secret how the magic can happened!
No3: Zlwin Chew came out with another magic… Awesome!

No2 & No3 is special dance performance for Hannah Tan.
No1, Jon played the songs “nobody” and try to ask Azrin to dance ^oo^

Guess who in the house?
It’s Caprice!

Yeah… Awesome guys…
Buy the original CD ya!

Group shot!

Group photo with the whole die hard fan Hannah Tan at the same time group picture with Hannah Tan on the screen!

Hannah, I forget to say this…

We All Miss you Hannah… Can’t wait another meet up session with u (o^^)o
I hope you achieve all your dream and we all will keep support you from behind, spirit and whatever we can do to support you!

For those who want to get latest update about Hannah, visit her blog here!