Last few weeks, I was invited by MyC! to be the official photographer for AKPK’s “Save, Plan & Cash Your Dream” The event was held at Jaya One on last 27th April 2010 where Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit (AKPK) held it’s Grand Finale of Save, Plan & Cash your dream campaign at PJLA, Jaya One. What so excited? the event involved 10 finalist from 10 universities around Klang Valley.

AKPK’s vision is to “Make Prudent Financial Management a Way of Life for all Malaysians.” To achieve this, our mission is to promote financial wellness among Malaysians by empowering them to be financially savvy through comprehensive consumer educational programmes and providing professional credit counselling and debt management programmes to enable them to regain control of their finances.

AKPK’s objectives are to proactively ensure that the household sector continues to be resilient by providing an avenue for individual borrowers and potential borrowers to seek advice and assistance in managing their finances and debts and at the same time promote a sound and robust banking system. This will be achieved by creating awareness of the services offered by AKPK to enable all those requiring its services to reach out to AKPK.

The judges:
L-R: Mr. Douglas Lim (Renowned Celebrity), Mr. Jason Ko (CEO of MyC!) & Encik Mohamed Akwal Sultan (CEO AKPK)

All services are provided free of charge.

Individual borrowers can seek AKPK’s assistance in rescheduling or restructuring their housing loans, hire purchase loans, and personal loans from, or outstanding credit/charge card balances due to, the financial service providers under the purview of Bank Negara Malaysia.

Through AKPK’s facilitation, debt management plans are devised to assist borrowers work out budgets that will help them meet their loan obligations and living expenses, thereby minimising any incidence of non-payment and averting foreclosure of their homes.

Financial and credit education is the answer to many of the problems consumers face today. AKPK have made it its goal to provide a variety of educational services designed to help individuals everywhere take control of their financial situation and gain peace of mind that comes from the wise use of credit.

The finalist supporter!
There was a Rm10,000 Grand Prizes up for grabs and the remaining 9 finalist representing their respective Univeristy or College won RM500 as an initial contribution from AKPK towards saving their dreams.

The crowd and all the finalist supporter.
In an almost heart-stopping event with an “idol” like environment, the 10 finalist showcased their unique dreams on stage much to delight of their friends and family and the Malaysian Media, with creative use of various props and various presentation format.

The 10 finalist wait their turn to go on the stage to present and convince the judges that they are the suitable person to walkaway from the Jaya One with RM10,000. The aim for this program was to get young Malaysians to start “thinking & planning their financial future” – in a fun, engaging and relevant way.

All of them came with their dream and to prove that they willing to do whatever it will cost to achieve their dream!

The winner is this lucky girl who bring back Rm10,000!
The winner waked away with Rm10,000 from AKPK based on criteria (Achievability, Sincerity of the Dream, Most beneficial to society & Most Tangible ROI Roadmap) and based on their responses to questions from the judges and the Malaysian Media.

The finalist group photo!
This is 1st unique financial lifestyle campaign of it’s kind undertaken by AKPK, in 2010, reached over 10 Public University Campuses in Klang Valley with a combined population of 144, 000 students.

Last but not least, group photo with my ex-clicks *heart*
Clockwise: Little Monkey, Eiko, Christine, Stephanie & Zoe.