International Women’s Day

“Shut up!!! Women have no say in society!!!”

That is bygone women can now smile about because women are getting more dominant than men in the modern world. Women have proven themselves to be equally, if not, more capable than men do these days.

International Women’s Day has just celebrated its 100th year on 8th March 2011. In Malaysia, the event to mark this occasion was held at Italianies@Empire Gallery Subang. Flanked by talented, beautiful, and smart women, the event was an outright success.

Upon arriving at the cozy ambiance of Italianies, many faces of popular and famous people can be seen. To kick start the event, there was a drum performance by 4 charismatic, sweet, and gorgeous ladies.

What is “A Kakiseni Project”

Kakiseni is back and kicks off with Women:100 — in conjunction with the 100th year celebration of International Women’s Day on 8 March 2011. It aims to honour women’s achievements and contributions through programmes that encourage public awareness, participation and appreciation.

Women:100 consists of 100 hours of performing arts reinforced with 100 hours of roadshows and community workshops. Women:100 will invade the senses online and on-ground providing an enriching experience featuring the best in the Performing Arts Industry exploring the subject matter of ‘women’ via plays, workshops, readings, dance, music, showcases and so on.

Supported by Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development (Malaysia).

The rest of the events were theater performances by women, mostly celebrities and famous faces. All the stage plays were drama based that were simply entertaining, humorous and touching. All the stage plays were dialogue based, and were coordinated by Kakiseni. “Let me tell you, it is the best, high-quality, intelligent stage plays I have ever enjoyed in life.”

Food served by Italianies were finger food, and all the food were beautifully presented, as well as delicious. It was without a doubt, appetizing to the naked eye, mouth watering to the mouth, and luscious to the taste buds on the tongue. “I can’t help but eat as many as I could, especially that soft, creamy and delightful chocolate ice cream, oh, I am reminiscing the experience as I am writing”.

Women 100

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