Finally, I’m officially 26th this year. I keep telling myself and other people that I’m 25th this year since I follow date rather than year. Not because I’m scared to get older is just that I still have long way to go. I have so many dreams to achieve.

Now I will admit. Today is my birthday. Yes finally I’m 26. Old enough liao lo. Finally I’m no longer below 25. 

This cool watch photo by Philippe.

I would say this year is the best year of my birthday celebration. Is just a simple and ordinary day but everything seems happened at the right time. A lot of people has been asking when I will settle down. I never plan when I will settle down yet because I have so many goal to achieve and what can I say, you have to wait at least 2 more years.
I start my day as usual with my breakfast and read my emails. Seems that client have approve few proposal. Lucky huh?

My terms of Big Breakfast.
One sachet of @mikaseries.
Organic drink from #melilea.
Organic Rolled Oats pancake.

Recipe of Oats Pancake:
1 scoop of organic rolled oats
3 whole eg
4 white egg
3 banana

Since I just fully recover from accident, it’s time to get back to the shape. My today kick is Puma EcoOrtholite. The lightest Puma shoes that I have in my collection.

Suitable for gym training but not for running since it’s too light until you can feel the surface.

My first birthday meal is lunch with Edward and Wei Ling (thanks for the meals) and guess what? They surprise me with awesome birthday present too. hahaha thank you Edward for the new endorsement. Thank you for the opportunity.
It’s have been awhile since I went to Gala Dinner due to my pack schedule. It’s good that I got time to suit myself again.
Congratulations to Ricky (Richard Agabus Ocampo) from Universiti Tenaga Nasional who are the winner for Maybank #MoreThanAChallenge. He walkaway with USD1K and he will internship in New York. This guy studying Mechanical Engineering! So, who said you can’t win because you are not from business background student?

End my day with a movie with friend, Inside Out. She’s the most Degil person. We arguing for almost an hour either to watch Hitman or Inside Out. Even she won, but hey today is birthday boy day. So, listen to me OK. Have you watch Inside Out?
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If you’re absent during my struggle, don’t expect to be present during my success.