Hi guys.. how are you? Currently I still enjoying my My Selangor Story trip. Will share more stuff about it later. By the way, do you still remember about my previous post? Regarding Samsung Galaxy SII?
This time, I would like to share something with you guys.. Before that, check out this link first: http://bit.ly/pa8JrF.
I already watch a lot of youtube that posted by the proud owner of Samsung Galaxy SII. Maybe I should heading to Digi centre soon =)
This time I do not want to talk about the video. I have something else that I would like to share with all of you!
If you know well the blogger celebrity, I believe you know Zlwin right? Yes, he is the one in the video! Actually they are act based on the words you key-in at the bottom left the box – as highlighted/circled in RED.
Hahaha.. it’s damn fun .. especially when you used “certain” words. LULZ… I believe you kinda blur right? 😉
Oh ya… another thing is do you ever noticed the right column of the screenshot below which I have circled it?
Jimmy (the person who posted the request) is just like us!
He decided to put in a request on the ACTION REQUEST BOARD. So… it’s shows that anyone can do it too!
I have done my part. Now, I wish that they will choose my request =)
So, what are you waiting for? Click http://bit.ly/pa8JrF now!
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