Have you ever dream to be in your dreamland with small and cool gadget? Normally before I kiss my bed, I will play around with my smartphone on my bed. Holding something bulky is not an easy thing. One of my buddy told me that he get himself a Samung Galaxy SII and first impression that I had is.. it is another kind of gadget for geeky.
It’s happen when he went to my house for overnight before he flew to Singapore. He accidentally left his phone. So yeah… I have new toy to play with for a week before I need to return back to him.
The new Galaxy S2 is fast! Not only that, it’s among the first handsets to sport the new, powerful a 1.2GHz dual core processor. The Samsung Galaxy S II is an enviably powerful machine for anyone without the latest technology. It is make my life easier when I keep play my facebook and twitter before I sleep. No more lagging =)
If you want talk about the spec and compare it with other smartphone, this is what I think. For me, the specifications are quite impressive. Not only about a powerful Dual Core Processor, 8 MP camera, Super AMOLED plus screen the most important thing is there have a great battery life. Samsung Galaxy S2 has it all and it can easily change the mind of those planning to buy the Apple iPhone 4.
So, what is life all about? Of course having fun and enjoy it. Have you ever know how the other Samsung Galaxy SII owner enjoying their gadget? Check out the spontaneous videos of the Samsung Galaxy SII owners.
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Check out this two cute video that created by my friend, Zlwin =)