Last week I had some interview with bunch of people. Position that Creative Visual Studio offered is MARKETING. During interview, I always heard similar question from people who apply the job. Since I gonna interview 5 more people on Wednesday, let me answer and explain all of the frequent question that asked by people during interview. For me, I’m looking for a quality over quantity. Since only a part time job that available, it’s kinda hard to find suitable candidate.
I’m not sure if I can do marketing. I do not know how.
Do not know = experience/knowledge.
Everyone start from zero and if you put effort on it, you are able to breakthrough. You can gain knowledge but what it takes u is more important. Everyone in this world does marketing. Either you realize it or not. We called it as Human Marketing!
Human: Product
Brain: Marketing idea.
Action: Marketing activity
Talking: Promotion
Thinking: Brainstorming
Patience: Effort
Spirit: Quality
Socializes: Networking
Knowledge: Education
…and there have a lot more. It is depends on how you look into it. Never ever limit yourself! In any business or relationship, people look something in you.
For those who interested to be part of Creative Visual Studio you can send your iquiries regarding the marketing position at