iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus just hit our country yesterday. It’s really fun to see those iPhone die-hard fans who willing to queue up to 30 hours before the official launch. From door step delivery to RM6 per iPhone, everyone excited with the new iPhone. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to have extra budget for the new iPhone. I believe everyone heard the recent story of Vietnamese tourist incident in Singapore, let me know what do you think about it?
For those who don’t have extra budget to get the new iPhone, don’t worry. Even myself, I don’t have extra budget for the new smart phone. I’m desperately need a new smart phone because I can’t live without smart phone for work and leisure. I always wanted to change my HTC Evo 3D to something new and today; I got myself HTC Desire 816. Now I can send my HTC Evo 3D for repair (3-4 days for the repair) without facing a problem to disconnect from WhatsApp, WeChat, ChatOn etc. Thank you HTC Malaysia.
For those who are in tight budget like me, you may want consider HTC Desire 816. You can get it from the local store for RM1199.
I have been using my HTC Evo 3D for more than 2 years. I always travel around and most of the time it’s involving with productions line. I always need my mobile phone 24 hours especially when I’m recce location for shooting.
It looks great when I attached on WeBoost device. Guess what? I’m going to give away this WeBoost device worth RM389 in my blog soon. What is WeBoost? It’s a device that will help you to increase your mobile signal, faster data downloads, longer battery life for cellular device, etc. Stay tuned in my next blog post!