One month gone and it’s the month of February. I saw a lot of people start going to my gym and most of them are ladies. Don’t tell me Valentine’s day is around the corner. Well, I believe 40% is coming from your workout and the other 60% is from your food consumption.
Let me share with you one of my favorite and easy-to-make breakfast. I never expect my overnight oats going to be this good. My pre workout meal before heading to the gym. So, what you have as breakfast? 
 There have a lot way to stay healthy. Don’t give excuses!
Overnight oats recipe:
– Oats
– Dragon fruits
– Greek yogurt
– Milk
Keep in fridge at least one night and enjoy your overnight oats.
My favorite #OvernightOats with Dragon fruits. Add on some Greek yougurt and honey. Taste better 
Overnight oat is really convenient and tasty. My 1st try. Any idea how can I make my oat taste better? Let me know what else do you want me to cook and share on my next post. Cheers!
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