If you read this post, you totally mistake if you not spread the news!

An Honest Mistake in HD wei! Dont play play *phu chu kang mode*
Did you guys know that the band’s first single is in… HD? Don’t know? Now I’m telling!

This Song Is So Random, I Don’t Know Why

Video courtesy of The Up Films. Check out more of their works HERE!


I’m slowly picking up the pieces

Of this broken faded picture

Paint the colours of the future

Hope it lasts forever

Hey! Your shoe laces are untied

Don’t look down you might just find

Cavities inside your lungs

That’s just a slip of the tongue

I can’t sleep

I can’t breathe

I’m just falling to my knees

I’m walking home alone

You’re watching TV in your room

Please don’t turn away

Promise me that you will stay

It’s another fateful day

I saw myself living a dream

Please don’t ring the alarm

I never want to feel down

Watch the tides slowly roll in

A mirror image is all I see

The secret locked inside my heart

The key is safely in your arms