When it comes to investment, I always told myself to invest on something that will give me profits such as properties and stock market. Most of my friends and relatives know that I have been using my Kancil (1st generation 660cc) for quite some time. The worst part is maintenance. Since I am not a good driver, I’m always involved in accidents. So, most of my money are spent on repairing and maintaining my car.

For those who want to purchase a car, you may want to consider few things such as:
– Your budget.
– Your monthly income.
– Do you really need it?

– Purpose of having a car.
– How much you afford to pay monthly?

– How much you need to spend monthly?
– Knowledge about the car such as maintenance etc.

I would like to thank to my friends and clients who believe in my work: photography and blogging. I finally managed to purchase my own car. Decided to purchase Viva 1000cc since I travel a lot. I really need a car with high cc and able to travel far. After doing some survey, I’ve decided that Perodua Viva is my choice. I paid a high down payment so now I only need to pay the RM200 monthly installment.Well, that’s what I can only afford. I do not think I should talk a lot about Viva, you can get all the detail from their website.
Dad bought me a Honda City. It is a really good car. However, this car does not belong to me even though it is under my name. I used it for few weeks and returned it to my dad so that he can use this car. I want to drive my own car that I purchased with my own money. At least my parents can use it =)
This Kancil serve me well. Serve me and my family more than 10 years. I still remember the day when my dad gave me.. Right after I take over, I involving with a lot of accident HAHA..Now, you can stay clean and “healthy” in Johor =)
So, this car gonna serve me for at least the next 3 years. The next thing I gonna to invest is my business and properties.
Dear baby, I will promise to take you properly :’)