In labor industry, there’s a lot of ways to cut cost. One of them is through the manpower. My colleagues and I decided to hire Indonesian workers after we did a lot of discussion with some of the biggest players in the industry.
As a startup, there have few benefits that we get by hiring foreign worker such as Indonesian and Bangladesh worker. However, I do prefer Indonesian worker compare than Bangladesh worker due to communication barriers and talent.
I live in Jakarta for a few months before and for me, Indonesian worker is promising. However, we allocate one local worker as supervisor to monitor and make sure everything went smoothly.
We hired Indonesian worker for the laborious work. It is twice cheaper and efficient compared than local workers.
Some of the benefit that we get by hiring foreign worker compare than local worker (labor work):
  • Low pay. Roughly RM1000/per month compare than RM2000/month for local worker.
  • Attitude: Based on my experience, Indonesian worker is work harder compare than local worker when it comes to labor work. Usually, they do not have other activity after working hours. So, they can have a good rest at night.
  • No extra allowance. We just have to provide accommodation and sometimes we treat them lunch. Basic documentation such as  insurance, medical card and visa are covered by the agency. 

For those who are looking for the foreign workers, you may want to visit this portal, HERE!