Finally reach kelantan after had boring journey more than 8hours. I do not know that they do not have highway. Yeah… Was travelling use “kampung road”. Whoa.. at the end of Malaysia =)Had my hot milo in Thyne Ahnn hotel coffee shop that cost me RM1.60 for 1 small cup. Kinda expensive lulz. Met my foster sister and she sent me to her apartment for me to grab some rest and subuh prayer. Grab some breakfast and had a communication problem. First time in my life I spend almost 30min just for the sake of ordering my breakfast. When i want to pay, I just gave RM10 and wait for the change. Lucky I know how to read “jawi” coz some of the ads and the road sign is not in English or Malay.

Will update more later on. Gonna go to the bride house for a Akad Nikah photoshoot. Any suggestion what I could not miss in Kelantan? 😉
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