I know my blog has been slightly lacking of update. It was almost a month I did not update anything on my blog and for those who followed my Instagram, they should know that I’m freaking busy lately. There’s so many things happened (good thing, of course) and I’m glad that now I’m going back to the track once again. Starting to attend a social media event etc.
Let’s do a quick recap, shall we?
I did a major renovation of my studio, CVS Production where we decided to focus more on giving our studio rental client not only comfortable place to use yet full with new equipment. If you are looking for studio rental, do check out White Studio Project. It’s more than a studio. I will update on separate blog post regarding my studio renovation that cost us almost 30K.
My new year celebration with some familiar faces at the KL Tower courtesy of Hai Blogger (blogger community).
Tq Halim Nadzeri from Hai Blogger who never stop support my social media journey. I can’t recall how and when I know him, but I can recall where we met for the first time. During Pak John Steamboat & BBQ food review.
Set up a new company with my other half, Bitter n’ Sweet.co. Want to know more about it? Do check out our Instagram.
Yes, I’m engaged with Fatin Bella. Do check out our official blog (CeritaFF.com). Will update more over there.
I went down to Johor for shooting during my engagement. Yes, I almost miss my flight.
2016 is a year of doing something that I love most. Well, now our company has a proper direction and I do have people to feed… soon.. hahaha
Something that we venture to for the year of 2016. Anyone looking for Aerial Photography / Video Production? Do buzz us.