Finally all of the blogger arrived at Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa. The journey that took almost 1 hour from The Mix, Glenmarie fill up with our tour guide who explained and shared about Malaysia. Since we do have international bloggers as well. She has done a great job.. at least I learnt something about Malaysian history lulz.
Since this year My Selangor Story focused on eco-tourism, we started our night at one and only eco-friendly sea-hotel in the world, Golden Palm Tree Sea Villas. For me, it is kind of new experience where I are able to sleep at the resort where it is surrounded by the sea and I am really looking forward of the water sports activity tomorrow.
The Golden Palm Tree Sea Villas in 2008, they received the CNBC Best Property Award and Best Interior Award.
Once we arrived, we were served by the Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa staff with cold drinks to refresh ourselves. Right after that, Amelia gave us our tag, room key and brief us about what we gonna do tomorrow. I’m really excited since the activity is really interesting. This year, our tag is much better. Thanks to Dian who are design it. Psssttt… for those who looking for a designer, you can contact her. She done a freelance job and her work is really good =)
For those who do not know, Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa stretches out from the Sepang coastline, almost a kilometer into the sheltered waters of the Straits of Malacca with 392 luxuriously appointed sea villas that shape a palm tree. With minimum impact to the environment and touted to be the first eco-friendly sea-hotel in the world, Golden Palm Tree is a 5 star haven of peace, perfect for eco adventure, non-motorized water sports, family-friendly fun or to just relax and unwind.
This is not my first time I came here but this is my first time I gonna stay here. Actually I study in Nilai University which is located nearby and I always went here with my bunch of friend to do a BBQ and grab some sunset shot.
For those who are driving, it is only an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur.
One of the unique features about Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa is their resort layout. It resembles a palm tree which also means that it is gonna be long way for us to walk into our room.. =( nah…. just kidding.. Actually they do have buggy service. Yay…. we no need to walk =)
Since the resort is really long, the room and clubhouse/reception are separated away. You can choose to have a slow walk while chit chat with your friend or wait for the shuttle buggies.
The easy part is, we just need to tag our bag with the small little form that was given by the resort. Their staff gonna bring our bag while check in and check out.
Let me introduce to you the famous blogger, Mohd Zaid who is also my roomate =)
Hello roommate!

Tadddaaaaa…. This is our room.. Canary Palm Villa. I have been informed that this room around 1.8k per night =) Wow!!!
All the room are equipped with air-condition, ceiling fan, a splendid sea view and modern amenities. I’m so lucky because I receive a Canary Palm Villa where the room is really amazing. I manage to stay in a big room where there’s a living hall and two bedrooms (1 x queen-sized bed + 1 twin beds). The size of the room is 82sqm and Canary Palm Villa is raised on stilts and features four fixture marble bathrooms, a lounge with a queen sized bed, a twin bed and a roomy living area. Not to mention that this Canary Palm Villa is able to accommodate 4 Adults OR 2 Adults + 2 Children
The first thing I love to see whenever I go into any hotel is their toilet. Well, people said that if the toilet is dirty, it is show the quality of the hotel/person. Isn’t it?
Every room consists of a glass that can be slided to let the sea breeze come into the room.
The toilet is really exclusive and luxurious too. I really love their bathtub and their lemongrass shower gel.
One of the uniqueness about this resort is the palm tree shape. It is also had been noted in the Malaysia Book of Records as “The Longest Palm Tree Shape Resort in Malaysia”.
This is also an important part. The Working site. Thanks to Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa where I can get use my internet and do my work. The internet speed is quite fast.. trust me.. you even can ask Tian Chad because he used it too =)
At night, we had our dinner in Sepoi Sepoi restaurant!
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Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa Sdn Bhd (637783-W)
No. 67, Jalan Pantai Bagan Lalang,
Kg Bagan Lalang,
43950 Sungai Pelek,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
+603 3182 3600
+603 3182 3700
If you have any enquiries or questions, please contact them at
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