I heard a lot of positive feedback regarding this garage-cafe concept from friends of mine. Finally, I managed to drop last week with some blogger friends. Basically, this garage-cafe concept is the new open-air urban-lifestyle center and entertainment venue featuring more than 10 shops, cafes, and garage, located in downtown Kuala Lumpur. The innovative center, which was built from 15 re-purposed shipping containers.

More photo: HERE!

The Garage KL’s shops range from boutiques offering a variety of apparel and accessories to Motorsport, garage, and a barber shop housed in a re-purposed shipping container. The Garage KL also includes restaurants and cafes with indoor and outdoor seating, creative design center, and more.
Lot 841, Jalan Hulu Kelang, Hillview, Kuala Lumpur
Tengku Azman : +6019 278 7505   |   Hirzan : +6019 444 4002
Facebook : THEGARAGEKL | Instagram : thegarage.kl |Website : thegaragekl.com
Afraid not, other than cafe and “garage”, you may want to check out other shop that available such as pre loved shop inside mini bus, vape store, hipster barber shop & spa too.
The menu
Thank you Projek Hipster & Lan Careno for the invitation.
Sloppy Family (RM15)
Dequeen-A-Poppy (Strawberry) , Jar Jar Beans (Coffe) & Sloppy Trooper (Peanut Butter).
Green Tea Milkshake (RM14)
My favorite all the time. Green tea can’t never be wrong with the cream on the top.
Chocolate Milkshake (RM14)
As usual, her favorite. Chocolate and her can’t be separate. Oh, have you checked out Fatin Bella new chocolate drink? Do check out Bitter n’ Sweet
Beef Pepperoni & Chicken Pepperoni Pizza (RM20)
Need some snack for the starter? Pizza sounds good. Thin, crispy and filling.
Cheesy Bolognese Fries (RM9)
If you love fries and beef, you might want to give this boy a try. Make sure you eat it while hot or else it will turn out soggy and oily.
Carbonara Beef Bacon (RM20)
If you fan of carbonara like me, this is must-try dish. Not to mention their cream thickness is really good. Not to blend and just look at the amount of beef. Totally worth it.
Chiken Aglio Olio (RM18)
Another type of pasta that I love is Aglio Olio. In fact, I always cook Aglio Olio for my diet meals. Healthy virgin oil as topping and the amount of spice and herbs is just perfect. They nailed it.
Grilled Lamb Loins (RM38)
For those who know me, I’m a huge fan of lamb. The first thing that I’m looking at the menu is the lamb dish. Tender yet juicy. You should try it.
Gaffe Chicken Chop (RM18)
The chicken can be improved. Personally, I felt that it’s slightly lack of salt. Maybe it meant to be eaten with the sauce. Good if they have black pepper for the sauce. Maybe you can request it.
Slow-Braised Short Ribs (RM48)
They walk the talk. Juicy yet meaty. Another meat that you should try other than lamb. But I will go for lamb, of course.
Creamy Black Mussels with Bread (RM18)
For the seafood lover. I’m not fan of it.
Gaffe Cheezy Meat Balls (RM18)
Kids love it, but not me. Kinda oily.
Thank you The Garage KL for having us.