I believe that you guys heard about Crocs Malaysia racist? No? HERE! I came out this post not because I’m a official blogger and want to help Crocs. Since my name involved, I would like to tell people from my view point why Crocs choose me as official blogger. I was cover a lot of crocs event when I started internship with MyC! almost a year ago since it’s part of my job scope. I bought crocs almost 2years ago as well. Some people might said that, even crocs it’s still a “selipar” I love my job, work hard on it and of course love their product.

I believe in what you pay that you get. So, actually it’s depends to individual either they prefer original crocs or the fake one. I don’t think i need to tell the other official blogger race right? The 5 official bloggers are: FeeqSays, Rebecca Saw, Marcky.my, MissyCheerio, and Christopher Tock. Can you see 1Malaysia?

Last few weeks, Crocs Malaysia participated in the Social Media Club KL event to show their case studies which includes informing the social media world about us bloggers being official ambassadors, HERE!

So, on that day Crocs is one of the speaker along with 4 other promiment brands such as P1, Canon, BFM and MyEG.

This video I made by myself not because Crocs Malaysia ask me to do! I do it myself because I want learn how to edit the video and at the same time, I want to know what youth think about the product. The video shows that why 20 students from Taylor Lakeside prefer original crocs compare the fake one, HERE!

Some of the event and blog post that I done before I be the Official Blogger for Crocs. There still have a lot and you guys can check it out HERE!

Santa Cruz Plaid ~ HERE!

Crocs Spring/Summer Collection ~ HERE!

Crocs The Feel Good Carnival ~ HERE!

“If The Product/Company Is Good, People Will Talk Good About It”
If you want win something from Crocs, check the contest HERE
Want the answer? Let me help you guys… The answer HERE!

Applogy Letter

If you want sell fake crocs, maybe you need think about it… Check out the apology letter they put on their site for selling fake Crocs. This letter will be on their site for at least a year.


The above is one of the websites in Malaysia selling ‘original’ Crocs. They have taken very aggressive action on fake Crocs over last 2 months, confiscated over 120,000 pairs of fake Crocs from different states. They have to travel to all the states to do verifications. More reports will be out as soon as they complete investigations with the Ministry of Domestic trade.