Just got back from Fright Night 2011 movie screening in Cineleisure. Thanks to Felix for the ticket.
Basically this movie is a remake of the 1985 original. Charley who is the main actor is kind of popular high school student and he is lucky enough to have a hot girlfriend. Unfortunately, he is not lucky enough to stay beside vampire house, Jerry. His friend, Ed know about Jerry that he is a vampire and try to inform Charley but due to vampire-is-fiction such as twilight etc, is hard for Charley to believe it. Until the moment where he saw by his own eyes.
Oh well.. I do not think that I should write the synopsis here right?
If you want to watch some kind of vampire movie that is not to heavy, go for it. This movie is suit for your needs.
I learnt something new.
1: Vampire only can enter their victim house if they receive the invitation.
2: They are sweet talker.
3: Vampire not scared of garlic.
4: Attack the vampire heart in order to kill them.
Before and after vampire affect. Errrrr….. 😉
Movie ranting:
Fright Night official trailer 2011