I believe that some of you keep asking me why I always go up to Genting? Recently, my production house had a few projects there. One day, I was invited by Resorts World Genting to witness their new show based on Ice theme. Basically, it is all about Magic & Entertainment known as ‘FREEZE’.
Since I have a meeting in Genting on the same day, why not? =)
My buffet dinner was served at Coffee Terrace Genting and by 9PM sharp, the show started at Genting International Showroom!
Every time when you talk about Magic, it always reminds me of Zlwin. One of my friend who is very talented in magic performance.
Comedian magician and violinist who make the magic performance not too serious. This kind of performance is the kind that people would want to watch. Especially people like me, who just finished a meeting and tired. I want something that’s not too heavy, but really interesting at the same time.
They are really amazing! They can simply fly here and there without thinking twice. They are made use of silk and their own thighs and fly around. They spun so fast and in so many degrees and angles! Try to imagine, flying in the sky like fan non-stop haha.

This guy was really cute.. I mean the way he played with audiences and catch our attention. Haha you want to know what is the stuff inside that egg? You go watch yourself and you will know haha..
The casts!

Good job guys! I believe you need to have great teamwork and a lot of practice =)
Basically, the show is around 75 minute and I was really impressed with what they gave me. I really recommend watching ‘FREEZE’ if you are in Genting and thinking of something different. Interested to watch it? Details are as below:
It’s often a full-house show, so log-on to www.rwgenting.com or call.
This is the seating chart. I manage to get blue colour seats and I was quite satisfied with it.