So, I have 5 Crocs voucher that to give away at the same time you guys can join an awesome music event brought by ICOM! What you guys need to do is just separate the news! Easy right?

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3: Come to the event on friday, collect the ticket and enjoy!

“A painter paints his pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence” -Leopold Stokowski-

The Final Friday Performance. Finally after 18 weeks of competing we approach the last and final showdown. What began as a group effort to improve performance became a platform of experiment to try new and different styles of music and now a Tradition of the International College of Music.

Join them and watch these Talented Musicians on stage.
Our Finalists Are!!!

1) Irma Seleman, (Funk)
2) Feri Lau Widjaja Bong (Fusion)
3) Whang Jungeun (Pop)
4) Eugene Yeo Yu Chan (Classical Crossover)
5) Cliff Wong (Japanese Fusion)
6) Kelly Phoon (Japanese Pop)
7) Jesica Jap (Latin)
8) Terry Tim (Finger Style Acoustics)
9) Koay Vern Hanz

9 Performers, 9 different Genres of Music. and only 1 stage. Watch as these fine, young musicians go all out to Play among the best to be the best.

You only get crazy things like these at : The International College of Music.

Proudly sponsored by Nokia and Star Mount Studio.

Date : Friday,7th May 2010
Time : 4.00pm – 6.00pm
Venue : Recital Hall, ICOM
Admission : Free

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Here are the musicians that’s performing:

Hey Everyone, How you are doing?
I’m Irma Seleman from Penang. I’m a vocalist. I do R&B and Funk. My singing and my music style is influenced by great R&B vocalists and musicians such as Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Mary J. Blige, Rachell Farell and many more.When I joined ICOM, I realized that I had just stepped into a whole new world and started listening to other types of music. Now, I relate myself more to R&B and Funk.

Title of song to be performed : Getaway by Earth Wind & Fire
Genre : Funk

Hello there, I am Cliff Wong. I am a drummer and I enjoy performing as well as studying music here at ICOM. I am orginally from Penang, moved to KL after my final year in secondary school to pursue my dreams and career in music.What really moved me into music was pretty much my father. I was exposed to music since childhood, with old records of my father, from Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and to Lee Ritenour and Dave Grusin.

Title of song to be performed : Summer Rain by Hiromi Uehara
Genre : Japanese Fusion

Hi, I’m Feri Lau from Indonesia. I’m an all rounder bassist but my main interests are more towards Fusion, Funk and Jazz. I am a self taught musician and began by playing the guitar first. Later I moved on to playing the bass when I entered Farabi Music school and by the time I were ready, it was 2007 and I came to ICOM to furthe pursue my studies.

Title of song to be performed : Asayake by Caseopea
Genre : Fusion

Hi, I’m Jesica Yap and this year I am going to be 21 years old. I’ an Indonesian pianist and started to first learn the piano at the tender age of 7. I studied under the ABRSM examination board and once I had my grade 8 Certificate in Music, I came to ICOM to pursue my love towards music.

Title of song to be performed : Parah La Tino by Spyro Gyra
Genre : Latin

Hihi, my name is Whang Junguen or better known as Haru. I am from Korea and I am going to be 25 in June.My main and major intrument is Vocals. Before coming to Malaysia, I was studying at a Korean Music College. When it comes to music, my favourite artists are Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Baby Face and Ledisi.

Title of song to be performed : A medley of Move and Heavy from Dreamgirls.
Genre : Pop

Hi there, my name is Eugene Yeo and I am a contemporary violinist/performer. I’m 19 this year and a small town boy from Kuching, Sarawak, trying to make it big in the music industry.I come from a pretty musical family; my mum’s a piano teacher and my siblings play musical instruments as well.I wanna bring a style of music and performance not often heard and seen, to the world.

Title of song to be performed : Victory by Bond
Genre : Classical Crossover

So, if you guys til don’t know how to go there, here is the map!
Head over to ICOM this friday and say hi to me ya XD