I had my 1st time video shoot… “Love-music-video” .. Shoot for fun Hehe…
Well, if you guys feel that this video is nice and you want to see more video from me.. or at least video of her.. click “LIKE” and share button ya. We will try to come out something new.
Psssttt… I tried all the flavours and my favourite is Spritzer Fruit Fussion and the bonus part is.. it is not a carbonate drinks!
Oh, by the way.. If you want to win yourself Samsung Galaxy Table and Canon Ixus115 HS X 7, keep continue read this blog post.
What is Tinge?
Tinge is a flavoured natural mineral water for outgoing, exciting youths. This drink comes in either Lemon or Fruit Fusion flavor where unlike most drinks in the market, TINGE is non-carbonated, non-coloured and mildly sweetened!
It is for me and her! Errr I mean it is for me and you or you and her or your family or.. or..
It is for everybody!
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Grand Prize:
Samsung Galaxy Table X 3 and Canon Ixus115 HS X 7
How to Participate?
1) Join the TINGE Facebook fan page
2) Purchase and enjoy a bottle of TINGE
3) Participate in Tinge Saves The Stars game contest
4) Key in the serial number on TINGE label, e.g. 71234568
5) Save the stars! Log on to http://www.facebook.com/Spritzer.tinge for more info.