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Last month, I launch FeeqSays Network with bunch of awesome and supportive people from a social network. I know it’s a delay post since I need to have a proper basic and support in order to known as “talk-crap” network.

When talk about networking, it’s more about connection. Yes, this is what FeeqSays Network all about. To be part of the social media advertising, not only need to share latest issue and happening stuff that’s going on around but also be the public relation. From college events to professional organizations, this is what FeeqSays all about.


Youth… This is FeeqSays Network try to bring it up. Nowadays youth are very important. I work with youth and I’m youth myself too! Youth can be more and give more from what people expect. Some of the featured things that is going to be added in FeeqSays.Com also because of the youth. I believe that youth have their personal idea that FeeqSays Network can help to bring it up. FeeqSays Network is also a platform for youth to voice out what they think and what they want.

More detail about FeeqSays Network, HERE!

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The company, brand and organization that I affiliate are:
Advertlets (Sponsor)
Print Haven (Sponsor)
Flakelet (Sponsor)
Crocs (Official Crocs Blogger)
Animax (Official Malaysian Animax Youth Council)
MyC! (Aflliate)
Blup-Blup (Support)

FeeqSays Network also is the Official Social Media Advertising for an event such as:
Malaysia’s Online Fashion Entrepreneur’s Weekend 2010
Taylor Lakeside College Model United Nations
Taylor’s Asaban Festival

Some of the project/event that FeeqSays Network involve blogger network are:
Clinique Star Tour (provide a blogger)
Malaysia’s Online Fashion Entrepreneur’s Weekend 2010 (provide a blogger and photographer)
Taylor Lakeside College Model United Nations (provide a blogger and photographer)
Taylor’s Asaban Festival (provide a blogger)
Dentyne Confidance (provide a photographer)

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The relax and chilling place was sponsor by F&D Mindspot which is bring up “lepaking” in another stage. Join them in Facebook now, HERE! ^^

The objective of F&D Mindspot is to provide a proper and permanent place for true blue gamers so they do not have to painstakingly looking for a venue to meet up and play either casually or seriously. Not only that, they want to create an alternative hangout place where friends and family can be together in a refreshingly new atmosphere. At the same time, they want to (re)introduce the healthy and fun activity that is forgotten or overlook by the society

Chongkak, Batu Seremban, Tutup Botol, Bola Tekan among others…

Yes, they have it!

Chess, Chinese Chess, Carrom, Darts, Draught, Chinese Checkers, Ludo, Jenga and many more…

Afendi, the founder and owner of F&D Mindspot!

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Sharing is caring with S Network ^^

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Thanks to Jeremy (emcee) & Xiang (photographer) for the help.

Goodies bag for my guest who came and support me *heart*


More photo in next post!

Some photos I took from Facebook. Forget who took it ^^”


Now, FeeqSays Network want give you guys free premiere screening. Not 1 but 2!
Courtesy of Advertlets.com, 80 passes can be yours!

How? Stay tune in my blog!!!