To have my own photography studio is one of my dream. I told myself that I want to have my own photography studio latest by end of next year but thanks to GOD and friend who are introduce my photography services where I able to have my own photography studio by next month. I decided to collaborate with another 2 photographer enthusiastic which is I will reveal it later on.
The renovation are 50% done and the good news is, we can start run the business by next month. The launch of our photo studio will be held early next year and all of you are invited. I will invite all of you ya =)
This is how our photo studio look like from outside.
The main entrance.
Living room/toilet/entrance/reception.
Glass door & partition are done. Do not worry with natural light 😉
Main stage (portable) & where the backdrop gonna be (will put it later).
We will add on the fitting room around there.
This is gonna be one of the concept room. Japanese and romantic room concept.
I do provide photography for wedding ceremony (actual day, pre-wedding & post-wedding),
product, event, commercial, parties, portrait, fashion etc.
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