Ahem. I will like that thank my parents for bringing me into this world. Thank my sister and brother-in-law for giving me big Singapore Dollar ang pow during Chinese New Year. Thank my dog Blackie for not going out of the house and get himself knocked by a car. Yes, I am featured in Feeqsays.com this week or month, er.. not too sure. I’m just flabbergasted. Why in the world he wanted to features me. Oh well. If you don’t find my life too boring, here goes.

I like to write since I was in Form 5. The word blog is non-existence during that time. So, what I do is write my rant and my thought in MS Office Word 95 (you can guess how old am I?) on my Pentium 90 PC and then emailed it out to some of my close friends using my Jaring account through the 28.8 KBPS modem.

Yes, I’ve survived the annoying modem years. Later on, I even started to write on Geocities Site. Then in 2004, where blogs is starting to get popular in Malaysia, I started to read KY Speaks. My former company, which is a hosting company, gave me a free domain and space. So,

I registered simonseow.com and started my first real blog. Alas, at that time I was too lazy to write, I only update the blog once a month? After I left the hosting company, they won’t let go of my domain. That is why I started to blog on Blogspot.com with the URL simonseow.blogspot.com.

Okay, let’s talk a bit about myself. My life is a very boring life with work, sleep, eat and the cycles continue until December 2007 where I started to blog actively. I blogged at Simon Says if you are wondering.

At first I thought I will do a food blog because I like to eat but then, I found out that I don’t have that much time to go around looking for unique and nice food that is worth blogging about. So, I started to turn my blog into somewhat a lifestyle blog.

After joining Nuffnang the popular blog advertising community in Malaysia and Singapore at that time, I get to go to events that is organized and co-organized by them. So, I blogged about events that I went to too. Not long after that, I find out that I get to go to movie screenings before the movie official release date, so I write some simple movie review too. Of course there are also parties and I will wear some simple makeup. Hence one of my food blogger friends nicknamed me E.P.F. blogger, which stands for Event, Party and Food.

As you can see, my life is not that dull anymore after I started blogging or more correctly after I added Nuffnang ads to my blog. I got to know more people than I ever known during my 11 years of school life. Well most of them are bloggers too. My readership started to built up and I get to do some advertorial, which contribute a bit of side income to me. Not too bad, I can write and earn lunch money with my blog. Well, that’s some of my blogging history. For more current stuff that I blog about, please do visit my blog Simon Says.

Blog: Simon Says
Twitter: http://twitter.com/simonseow
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/yyseow