Good day blog readers. I’m Dylan and I blog at www.dylan-zd.blogspot.com. First of all, thanks to Feeq for giving me the opportunity to be featured in his blog. Well, some of you might have already know who I am while others might be wondering who the heck is this guy. I don’t blame you guys for not knowing who I am, ‘cuz all these while I’ve kinda been hiding in the shadows during events. Oh well, you know, ‘cuz I’m a shy person. Haha!

Let me tell you a little history about myself first. I can say that I’ve been blogging for a very long time now every since 2004 /2005 maybe? But during that time I wasn’t blogging very consistently and the only record of me blogging is from the year 2008 onwards. Haha! No proof of me blogging way before that. Nevermind. It’s not the years that count but the enjoyment your get from blogging.

So anyway, I came from Ipoh, which is famous for a lot of things, especially Ipoh girls. I received my education at St. Michael’s Institution (Form 1 – Form 6). Many people do not really like their schooling days. Some say too many rules, some don’t like wearing uniforms and some even hated the teachers. However, I truly believe that those years in school were some of my best years ever. That was the time where true friendships were made and where memories were embedded in me.

Gatherings with friends are always fun, fun, fun!

Did you know that I was a scout before? Once a scout, Always a scout.

Right now, I’m studying in Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Setapak. Why college and not university? That’s another story to be told, another time or you can dig up my archives and find out why. I’m currently pursuing Diploma in Multimedia Design and already in my second year now.

It’s not easy to choose something you like to do in life. It’s hard choosing a course where you have interest in or where you can see yourself in the future in that field. It took me quite some time to figure myself out but at last I have found what I wanted. So, next time you want to hire a designer, do look me up.

A night out having steamboat dinner.

Blogging has given me great experiences in life. Many fun things can happen if you blog. You get to attend events and parties and by attending these events I get to expose myself to new things, gaining experience for myself (something a designer truly needs). Haha! Gaining experience reminds me of the game Pokemon.

Busy doing my assignment for Photography

I have not yet gotten the most out of blogging yet. Not until I get to know more bloggers, not until I get to attend most of the events. Haha! So the next time you see me at an event, do say hi to me first yeah because I always have the feeling of ‘If I say hi first, what if the other person does not know who I am’ syndrome.

Until then, see ya! Take care and remember to make the world a better place to live in.

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