Wow! I’m given the opportunity to be featured on the! So first and foremost I’d like to thank the awesome FeeQ!

Hello everyone! Annoyeonghaseyo! I’m Daehyun, my friends call me Dae and one thing they know about me is that I love Kpop! I’m driven by my passion to the fullest, and sometimes I believe that my life runs on Kpop! So I created to satisfy my crave, by blogging kpop celebrity news, drama, fashion, while sharing it all with other fans like myself.

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To write about Kpop is sublime to me, because I’m writing about what I love and enjoy, which makes it not a job at all, it’s writing passionately, but in an informative way.

In fact, I’m well fond of everything Asian, but when it comes to music, Korean pop owns my heart!

Some of my favorite Kpop bands are:

B2ST, MBLAQ, Girls’ Generation (SNSD), 2PM, Infinite, Brown Eyed Girls, F.CUZ, Epik High, Big Bang, SHINee, CNBlue, FT.Island, One Way, U-Kiss, Wonder Girls, Kara

Infinite iPod
Some of my favorite Solo Kpop Artists are:

Kim Jong Kook, Taeyang, BoA, K.Will, Wheesung, Rain, Se7en

Korean Soccer Team Warm Up Jersey
My Korean Soccer Team Warm-up Jersey


I can’t leave behind my other passion; Photography! Yes, photography takes a big part of my life, and I guess I got hit by the shutterbug ever since I was young, following my dad’s steps. He always has a camera in hand and my cousins called him “uncle camera”. Now I always try to go everywhere with my own DSLR too! haha!

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I’m based in the sunny city of Miami, Florida. U.S., and even though I’m far away from all the Asian heavens, I still manage to feed my cravings through my trusted resources, friends and family.

I love food, which is why if you check out my photo blog, you would see that a lot of the photos I take are about food I come across with. Haha!

Although I went to school for Computer Science and Fashion Marketing Management, I’m pursuing photography and cooking school




I’m getting hungry just by posting my food photos here. haha!

My dog Candy wants to say hi to all of you kind readers J


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I would like to thank FeeQ once again for this amazing opportunity to be featured here, and get to show a little bit of me and what I do, and to get known by all of you, whom are his loyal readers and friends.

Kamsahamnida! ^_^